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Waves and Light

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Wave   movement that transfers energy through matter or space  
medium   matter that moves to carry the energy, some kinds of waves do not need a medium, does not travel with the wave  
equilibrium position (or rest position)   where the medum would be if it were still  
crest   highest point of a wave  
trough   lowest point of a wave  
wavelength   distance from one crest to next or from one trough to the next  
amplitude   height of a wave crest or the depth of a trough from the rest position  
Frequency   number of times it repeats in a given period of time  
Frequency is measured in _______   Hertz Hz  
Heartz/Hz means ________   cycles per socond  
when a wavelength has a higher frequency, it has a ____________ wavelength   shorter  
waves with greater amplitude are transferring ________energy   more  
waves with _____________ frequency are transferring more energy   higher  


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Created by: jlarose