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Top 200 Column Six

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Detrol LA   tolterodine (overactive bladder)4 mg PO once daily  
Folvite   folic acid (anemia)  
Feosol   ferrous sulfate (anemia)  
Chantix   varenicline (tobacco use)1 mg PO bid, following a 1-week titration  
Requip   ropinerole (Parkinson's Disease)  
Aricept   donepezil (Alzheimer's Disease)5 or 10 mg QD  
Namenda   memantine (Alzheimer's Disease)Initial Dose: 5 mg PO once daily  
Miralax, Glycolax   PEG 3350 (constipation)17 gm powder daily as directed  
Xalatan   latanoprost (Glaucoma)1 drop into each eye 1 time daily  
Kenalog   triamcinolone (Eczema)  
Lotrisone   clotrimazole/betamethasone (Eczema)Apply to affected area 2 times daily for 2-4 weeks  
Xyloprim   allopurinol (Gout)Maximum Dose: 800 mg/day  
Colsalide   colchicine (Gout)  
Klor-Con   potassium chloride (hypokalemia)  
Soma   carisoprodol (musculoskeletal spasm/pain)250-350 mg PO TID and HS  
Flexeril   cyclobenzaprine (musculoskeletal spasm/pain)5-10 mg po up to 3 times daily  
Skelaxin   metaxalone (musculoskeletal spasm/pain)800 mg PO 3-4 times daily  
Robaxin   methocarbamol (musculoskeletal spasm/pain)Maximum Dose: 8000 mg/day  
Zanaflex   tizanidine (musculoskeletal spasm/pain)Maximum Dose: 36 mg/day  
Lunesta   eszopiclone (insomnia)Initial Dose: 2 mg PO HS  
Ambien   zolpidem (insomnia)5 or 10 mg PO HS  
Ambien CR   zolpidem (insomnia)Maximum Dose: 12.5 mg at HS  
Restoril   temazepam (insomnia)Usual Dose: 15 mg PO HS  
Fastin   phentermine (obesity)15-30 mg PO 2 hours after breakfast  
Bentyl   dicyclomine (Irritable Bowel)20-40 mg PO 4 times daily  
Temovate   clobetasol (Eczema)Apply to affected area 2 times daily  


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