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GRE Words from Kaplan

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

pedagogy   tthe art or profession of training, teaching, or instructing; the profession of teaching  
penury   poverty, destruction; a state of extreme poverty or destitution  
probity   adherence to the highest principles; uprightness; complete and confirmed  
perspicacious   acutely perceptive; having keen discernment; clear-sighted, sagacious, sapient  
mercurial   quick; fleeting; erratic; fickle; quicksilver  
esoteric   intended for or understood by a small group  
salubrious   promoting health or well being  
perfunctory   cursory; done without care or interest; hasty and without attention to detail not thorough  
vituperate   to use harsh, condemnatory language; curse; vilify; revile; rail  
incipient   beginning to come into being or to become apparent; only partly in existence; imperfectly formed; inchoate  
arduous   strenuous, taxing  
adulation   excessive praise; idolization; idolisation  
lissome   nimble; gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease; lithe; lithesome; slender; supple; svelte; sylplike  
gaffe   social blunder  
aberrant   deviating from normal  
abscond   to leave secretly and hide; often to avoid the law  
advocate   to speak,plead, or argue for a cause or in another's behalf  
obdurate   unyielding;hardhearted; intractable impossible to change; stubborn resistant to persuasion or softening ; influences; hardened and unrepentant; stubborn inflexible; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing; cussed; obstinate; unrepentant; showing unfeeling r  
obfuscate   to deliberately obscure or unclear; to make obscure or unclear; to darken, make obscure, muddle; make obscure or unclear; to darken, make obscure, muddle  
obsequious   exhibiting a fawning attentiveness; characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning; (to somebody) too willing to obey or serve; too respectful; attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery; fawning; sycophantic; toad  
ingenuous   unsophisticated; artless; straightforward; candid; lacking in sophistication or worldliness; innocent; characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious; artless  
ingenious   clever  
innocuous   harmless; having no adverse affect; not likely to provoke strong emotion; not causing disapproval; unobjectionable; not injurious to physical or mental health; unlikely to harm or disturb anyone  
obtuse   lacking sharpness of intellect; not clear or precise in thought or expression; slow to understand; stupid/blunt; purblind  
obviate   to anticipate and make unnecessary; remove (something); get rid of; to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action); to make unnecessary; get rid of; prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening; ward off; debar; deflect  
ionoclast   one who attacks or undermines traditional conventions or institutions; a breaker or destroyer of images, esp. those set up for religious veneration; person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions etc, as being based on error or superstitio  
idolatrous   given to intense or excessive devotion to something; whorshiping idols  
imminent   about to happen; impending; about to happen; likely to happen very soon; ready to take place; especially; hanging threateningly over one's head; likely to come very soon  
immutable   not capable of change; that cannot be changed; that will never change; not capable of or susceptible to change; that cannot be changed  
impassive   revealing no emotion; showing no sign of feeling; unsusceptible to or destitute of emotionl unmoved; feeling no sign of passion  
impecunious   lacking funds; without money; having little or money; having very little or no money usually habitually; penniless  
imperturbable   marked by extreme calm; impassivity and steadiness; not eaisly troubled or worried calm; marked by extreme calm, impassivity and steadiness; serene; calm; not capable of being excitied  
impetuous   hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement; acting or done quickly and with little thought or care; rash or impuslive; marked by impulsive vehemence or passion; having sudden energy, impulsive, thrusting ahead, forceful  
implacable   not capable of being appeased or significnalty changed; not to be appeased, mollified, or pacified, inexorable, that cannot be changed or satisfied; not placable, not capable of being appeased, significantly changed or mitigated; incapable of being placac  
impunity   immunity from punishment or penalty; with impunity with freedom from punishment or injury  
inchoate   in an initial stage; not fully formed; just begun and therefore not fully formed or developed; being onlyu partly in existence or operation; especially imperfectly fromed or formulated; formless; not yet fully formed, rudimentary, elementary  
incipient   beginning to come into being or to become apparent; in its early stages; beginning to happen; beginning; only partly in existence; imperfectly formed; inchoate  
indifferent   having no interest or concern; showing no bias or prejudice; apathetic  
inert   unmoving; lethargic; sluggish; without power to move or act; deficient in active properties; especially; lacking a usual or anticipated chemical or biological action  
infelicitous   unfortunate; inappropriate; not approrpitae in application or expression  
ingenuous   artless; frank; candid; lacking in sophistication; not attempting to deceive or conceal; open; innocent; free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere; showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness; naive, young artless, frank,  
inimical   damaging; harmful; malevolent; unfriendly; hostile; having the disposition of an enemy; hostile; reflecting or indicating hostility; unfriendly  
innocuous   harmless; causing no damage; causing no harm; not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility; causing no harm  
insipid   without taste or flavor; lacking in spirit; bland; having almost no taste or flavor; lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge; dull flat  
intractable   not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate; not easily controlled or dealt with; hard to image; unruly, refractory, stubborn  
intransigent   refusing to compromise; refusing to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude; uncompromising; uncompromising  
intrepid   steadfast and courageous; fearless; brave; characterized by resolute fearlessness; fortitude and endurance; fearless brave; undaunted  
inured   accustomed to accepting something undesirable; accustomed to; adapted; made tough by habitual exposure; hardened  
inveigle   to obtain by deception or flattery; persuade somebody to go somewhere or do something by using flattery and deception; to win over by wiles; entice  
irascible   easily angered; prone to temperamental outburst; (of a person) easily made anger; marked by hot temper and easily provoked anger  
laconic   using few words; terse; using or involving the use of a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious; brief, to the point terse  
laud   to praise highly; praise somebody/something; glorify  
loquacious   extremely talkative; fond of talking; talkative; given to fluent or excessive talk; garrulous; talkative; garrulous  
lucid   clear; easily understood; clearly expressed; easy to understand; clear to the understanding; intelligible  
luminous   characterized by brightness and the emission of light; giving out light; bright  
magnanimity   the quality of being generously noble in mind and heart, especially in forgiving; being magnanimous  
imperious   commanding  
improvidence   an absence of foresight; a failure to provide for future needs or events  
incorrigble   not capable of being corrected  
indelible   permanent, un erasable, strong  
ineffable   indescribable, inexpressible in words, unspeakable  
insensible   numb, unconscious  
insular   of or pertaining ot an island, thus, excessively exclusive  
leviathan   giant whale, therefore, something very large  
malevolent   malicious, evil, having or sohwing ill will  
misogynist   one who hates women  
mitigate   to make less forceful; to become more moderate; to make less harsh or undesirable; to make or become less severe or intense; to moderate; make (something) less severe, violent or painful; moderate; to make less severe or painful; alleviate  
nefarious   wicked, evil  
noisome   harmful, offensive, destructive  
obdurate   hardened against influence or feeling  
obviate   to prevent by anticipatory measure; to make unnecessary  
occlude   to close or shut off; to obstruct  
opaque   not transparent or translucent; dense; diffiult to comprehend as inopaque reasoning  
ossified   turned to bone; hardened like bone; inflexible  
panegyric   a writing or speech in praise of a person or thing  
peccadillo   a small sin or fault  
pedantic   showing a narrow concern for rules or formal book learning; making an excessive display of one's own learning  
perfidious   deliberately treacherous, dishonest; tending to betray,  
phlegmatic   not easily excised; cool slugish  
philanthropy   tendency or action for the benefit of others as in donating money or property to a charitable orgaization  
placate   to calm or reduce anger by making concessions  
precipice   cliff with a vertical or nearly vertical face; a dangerous place from which one is likelty o fall; metaphorically, a very risky circumstance  
prevaricate   to stray from or evade the truth  
prodigal   rashly wasteful  
pulchritudinous   beautiufl  
pusillanimous   cowardly, timid, or irresolute, pretty  
quiescence   inactivity, stillness; dormancy  
cogent   having power to compel or constrain; appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing  
spurious   false; forged; bastard  
sagacious   skillful in statecraft and management; acutely insightful and wise; perspicacious; sapient  
sapient   acutely insightful and wise, perspicacious; sagacious  
quicksilver   liable to sudden unpredictable change; erratic; fickle; mercurial  
cursory   hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough; perfunctory; causal; passing  
pro forma   as a formality only; perfunctory  
supple   readily adaptable; gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease; capable of moving or bending freely; limber; lissom; lithe; lithesome; sleder; svelte; sylphlike  
malleable   capable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pilable; that can be beaten or pressed into different shapes easily; capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces; yielding; easily shaped; modlable; adapting  
martial   associated with war and the armed forces; of or associated with war; brave, of associated with war  
maverick   an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party; unbranded calf; unorthodox person; rebel nonconformits  
mercurial   characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood; quick; changeable in character, fleeting  
meticulous   characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail; giving great attention to details  
misanthrope   one who hates all other humans; a person who hates or distrusts mankind; person who hates mankind  
capricious   changeable; determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason; changing quickly; mercurial; volatile  
compendium   a brief treatment or account of a subject esp. an extensive subject; concise treatment; abridge; terse; synopsis  
cursory   performed with haste and scant attention to detail; perfunctory  
mollify   to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intensity; lessen the anger of (somebody); make calmer; soothe; to soothe in temper or disposition; appease; make calmer or quieter  
mundane   of the world; typical or concerned with the ordinary; ordinary and typically unexciting; characterized by the practical transitory and ordinary; commonplace; banal; fatuous; hackneyed; insipid; mundane; pedestrian; platitude; prosaic; quotidian; trite  
nebulous   vague, cloudy; lacking clearly defined form; cloud like, hazy; indistinct, vague  
neologism   a new word, expression or usage; the creation or use of new words or senses; newly-invented word  
neophyte   a recent convert; a beginner; novice; person recently converted to some belief or religion; a new convert; proselyte; person who has been converted to a belief  
noxious   harmful; injurious, poisonous, physically harmful or destructive to living beings  
obdurate   unyielding; hardhearted; intractable; impossible to change; stubborn; resistant to persuasion or softening influences  
obstinate   stubborn, hardheaded; uncompromising; refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action; stubborn; perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments or persuasion  
occlude   to obstruct or block; to close up or block off; obstruct  
odious   evoking intense aversion or dislike; deserving or causing hatred; hateful detestable highly offensive repugnant  
onerous   troubling, burdensome, needing effort, burdensome  
opprobrium   disgrace, contempt; scorn, public disgrace and shame  
ostentatious   characterized by pretentiousness; intended to attract notice  
paen   a song or hymn of praise and thanksgiving  
pedantic   the parading of learning; excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules; ostentatious in one's learning; overly concerned with minute details or formalisms esp. in teaching  
penurious   penny-pinching; excessively thrifty; ungenerous; very poor; poor stingy  
perfunctory   cursory; done without care or interest; done as duty without care  
perspicacious   acutely perceptive; having keen discernment; having or showing great insight or judgment; discerning; of acute mental vision or  
peruse   to examine with great care; read something especially carefully or thoroughly; to examine or consider with attention and in detail; study  
phlegmatic   calm; sluggish; unemotional; calm and even-tempered; showing the quality of phlegm  
pious   extremely reverent or devout; showing strong religious devotion; having or showing a deep devotion to religion  
pith   the essential or central part; soft spongy substance that fills the stems of certain plants, essential part, force, soft liquid substance  
pithy   precise and brief; concise and full of meaning; terse; having substance and point; tersely cogent  
cogent   relevant; to drive together;  
placate   to appease; to calm by making concessions; make less angry; soothe or pacify; to sooth or mollify especially by concessions; soothe, pacify, calm  
platitude   a superficial remark, especially one offered as meaning; commonplace remark or statment, esp when it is sad new or interesting; a banal, trite, or stale remark, a trite or banal statement un-originality  
polemical   controversial; arguementative  
prattle   to babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty and ideal  
precipiate   acting with excessive haste or impulse; to cause or to happen before anticipated or required; to bring about especially abruptly  
predilection   a disposition in favor of something; preference; special liking (For something); preference  
preen   to dress up/ to primp; to groom oneself with elaborate care; clean or something (its feathers or itself) with its beak; show self-satisfaction; tidy  
prescience   foreknowledge of events; knowing of events prior to their occurring; foresight  
presumptuous   overstepping due bounds; too bold or self-confident  
prevaricate   to deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead; try to avoid telling the (whole) truth by speaking in an evasive or misleading way; equivocate; to speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression; lie  
proclivity   a natural predisposition or inclination; natural inclination to do something; tendency  
prodigal   recklessly wasteful; extravagant; profuse; lavish; spending money or resources too freely; characterized by wasteful expenditure; lavish; wasteful, reckless with money  
prodigious   abundant in size, force or extent; extraordinary; enormous, wonderful  
profligate   excessively wasteful; recklessly extravagant; wildly extravagant; prodigal; licentious  
profuse   given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant; abundant; lvasih  
proliferate   to grow or increase swiftly and abundantly; produce new growth or offspring rapidly; multiply  
prolific   producing large volumes or amounts; productive; producing much fruit or many flowers or offspring  
propensity   a natural inclination or tendency; penchant  
prosaic   dull; unimaginative; uninspired; dull; everyday; ordinary; mundane; commonplace; trite; pedestrian  
pungent   characterized by a strong, sharp smell of taste; causing a sharp or irritating sensation; especially, acrid  
putrefy   to rot; to decay and give off a foul odor; become or make putrid  
quaff   to drink deeply; drink (something) by swallowing large amounts at a time  
qualm   misgiving; reservation; cause for hesitancy; a sudden feeling of sickness or nausea; feeling of doubt, temporary feeling of sickenss  
querulous   prone to complaining or grumbling; quarrelsome; complaining; irritable; fretful; whining  
query   question; inquiry; doubt in the mind; reservation; question  
quiescence   stillness; motionlessness; quality of being at rest; state of being passive/motionless  
quixotic   foolishly impractical; marked by lofty romantic ideals; noble, unselfish or gallant in an extravagant or impractical way; generous unselfish  
quotidian   occurring or recurring daily; commonplace; everyday; commonplace; banal everyday  
rancorous   characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment; feeling bitterness; spitefulness  
rarefy   to make or become thin, less dense; to refine  
recalcitrant   obstinately defiant of authority; difficult to manage; resisting authority or discipline; disobedient  
recant   to retract especially a previously held belief; formally reject (a former opinion, belief etc,) as being wrong; to withdraw or repudiate formally and publicly renounce take back as being false; give up  
recondite   hidden; concealed; difficult to understand; obscure; little known; abstruse  
redoubtable   awe-inspiring; worthy of honor  
impugned   To attack as false or questionable; challenge in argument  
veracity   Adherence to the truth; truthfulness.  
hallmark   a distinctive characteristic or attribute; trademark  
scintilla   spark, trace; smidge  
controvert   to dispute or oppose by reasoning  
erudition   extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books; profound, recondite, or bookish learning; scholarship  
bemused   To cause to be bewildered; confuse; daze  
boorishness   means lack of manners  
impress   force into surface; to affect strongly, often favorable  
pluck   which means courage or audacity; the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury; pull off  
vim   vitality; vigor  
humility   humble; meek  
Gaucherie   social awkwardness  
brusque   blunt; curt  
apostate   someone who abandons a religious, political, or other belief; rebellious  
excoriate   express strong disapproval of  
donnybrook   is an obscure word for an uproar, a free for all, or a brawl  
timorous   timid  
brazen   insolently bold or forward  
pernicious   extremely harmful  
licentious   immoral  
sybarite   a person who is devoted to the enjoyment of worldly pleasures  
chauvinist   is someone who believes in the superior of his own kind  
incumbent   is the person currently holding a position  
ascetic   practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and especially spiritual discipline  
incumbent   is the person currently holding a position  
megalomaniac   a person who has delusional fantasies about wealth or power  
abate   to lessen in intensity or degree; make or become less; to reduce in degree or intensity; to lessen, to subside  
accolade   an expression of praise; approval; any award, honor, or laudatory notice  
acumen   quick, keen, or accurate knowledge or insight; ability to understand and judge things quickly and clearly; shrewdness; mental keenness; sharpness of judgment;  
adulation   excessive praise; intense adoration; flattery; admiration that is more than is necessary  
aggrandize   to increase in intensity, power or prestige; to make appear great or greater; praise highly  
alacrity   eager and enthusiastic willingness; prompt and eager readiness, promptness in response; cheerful readiness  
amalgamamte   to combine several elements into a whole; to merge into a single body; mix, combine, unite societies  
ameliorate   to make better or more tolerable; improve, make better  
amenable   agreeable, responsive to suggestion, readily managed, willing to be led  
approbation   an expression of approval or praise; approval; consent; commendation; praise  
arduous   strenuous, taxing, requiring significant effort  
ascetic   one who practices rigid self-denial, especially as an act of religious devotion; not allowing oneself pleasures and comforts  
astringent   having a tightening effort on living tissue; harsh, severe; binding; causing contraction; substance that shrinks  
austere   without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic; markedly simple or unadorned; severely and strictly moral; having no pleasures or comfort  
avarice   greed, especially for wealth  
aver   to state as a fact; to confirm or support; to assert or affirm with confidence; declare in a positive manner  
axiom   a universally recognized principle; taken as a given; possessing self-evident truth  
bucolic   rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural area and their inhabitants; of country life or the countryside; rustic  
cacophony   harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance; loud unpleasant mixture of discordant sounds  
acnon   as established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature  
canonical   following or in agreement with orthodox requirements; appearing in a biblical canon of or relating to or required by canon law  
capricious   inclined to change one's mind impulsively; erratic; unpredictable; fickle; whimsical; given to change; unpredictable  
castigation   severe criticism or punishment  
censure   to criticize severely; to officially rebuke; to find fault with and criticize as blameworthy  
chary   wary; cautious; shy; timid; fastidious; choosy  
chicanery   trickery or subterfuge; use of clever but misleading talk in order to trick somebody especially in legal matters; dishonest practice  
cogent   appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing; convincing; strong  
complaisance   the willingness to comply with the wishes of others; disposition to please or comply; affability  
connoisseur   an informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expert; a discerning judge of the best in any field; a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in an art  
contentious   argumentative; quarrelsome; causing controversy or disagreement; pugnacious; combative  
contrite   regretful; penitent; seeking forgiveness; filled with or showing deep regret for having done wrong; repentant; grieving and penitent for sin or shortcoming  
convention   a generally agreed upon practice or attitude; conference of members of a profession, political party, usage or custom especially in social matters  
culpable   deserving blame; blameworthy  
cynicism   an attitude or quality or belief that all people are motivated by selfishness  
dearth   smallness of quantity or number; scarcity ; a lack; shortage; scarcity; an inadequate supply; lack  
decorum   polite or appropriate conduct or behavior; dignified and socially acceptable behavior; propriety and good taste in conduct or appeareance  
demur   to question or oppose; to make objection esp. on the grounds of scruples; take exception; to hesitate, raise objections  
derision   scorn, ridicule, contemptuous treatment, ridicule or mockery, deriding  
desiccate   to dry out or dehydrate; to make dry or dull; remove all the moisture from to preserve it  
diatribe   a harsh denunciation; lengthy and bitter attack in words; a bitter and abusive speech or writing; bitter and violent attack in words  
didactic   intended to teach or instruct; intended to teach; designed or intended to teach  
dilettante   one with an amateurish or superficial interest in the arts of a branch of knowledge  
disabuse   to undeceive; to set right; to free from error, fallacy, or misconception; to undeceive, correct a false impression  
discordant   conflicting; dissonant or harsh in sound; not in agreement; conflicting; inharmonious; conflicting  
discretion   cautious reserve in speech; ability to make responsible decisions; quality of being discreet; good judgment;  
disparage   to slight or belittle; suggest; especially un faily; that is of little value or importance; to depreciate by indirect means; speak slighlty about  
disparate   fundamentally distinct or dissimilar; essentially different; so different in kind or degree that they cannot be compared  
dissemble   to disguise or conceal; to mislead; hide or disguise (one's true thoughts and feelings); dissimulate; speak or behave so as to hide something (in mind)  
divulge   to disclose something secret; to make known (as confidence or secret)  
dogmatic   stubbornly opinionated; of or based on dogma; positive, certain, arbitrary, without room for discussion  
ebullience   the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings; high spirits; exhilaration; exuberance  
eclectic   composed of elements drawn from various sources  
effrontery   extreme boldness; presumptuousness; boldness or rudeness without shame; impertience  
elegy   a mournful poem, especially one lamenting the dead  
eloquent   well spoken, expressive, articulate  
emollient   soothing, especially to the skin; making less harsh; mollifying  
empirical   based on observation or experiment; not on theory; relying on the experiment  
endemic   characteristic of or often found in a particular locality, region, or people  
enervate   to weaken; to reduce in vitality; cause to lose strength of energy; weaken, deprive of strength, attenuate  
enigmatic   mysterious, obscure, difficult to understand  
ennui   dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy; a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom  
ephemeral   brief; fleeting; living lasting etc for a very short time; short lived; fleeting  
equivocate   to use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent; speak in an ambiguous way to hide the truth or mislead people; try to deceive by equivocal language  
erudite   very learned; scholarly; having or showing great learning  
esoteric   intended for or understood by a small, specific group; abstruse  
eulogy   a speech honoring the dead  
evanescent   tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing; quickly fading; soon disappearing from memory; tending to vanish like vapor; fleeting  
exacerbate   to make worse or more severe; aggravate; to make more violet, bitter, or severe  
exculpate   exonerate; to clear of blame  
exigent   urgent; pressing; requiring immediate action or attention  
extemporaneous   improvised; done without preparation; spoken or done without preparation; extempore  
facetious   playful, humorous; intended to be amusing; often inappropriately; joking or jesting often inappropriately; waggish; jocular  
fallacy   an invalid or incorrect notion; a mistaken belief; a false or mistaken idea; erroneous character; false or mistaken belief  
fawn   to flatter or praise excessively  
fervent   greatly emotional or zealous; ardent, hot; showing warmth and sincerity of feeling; enthusiastic; passionate  
filibuster   intentional obstruction, especially using prolonged speech making to delay legislative action  
flout   to demonstrate contempt for; as in a rule or convention; to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock  
fortuitous   happening by fortunate accident or chance; happening by chance or coincidence  
fulminate   to loudly attach or denounce; protest strongly and loudly; to send forth censures or invectives; berate; vituperate  
furtive   marked by stealth; covert; surreptitious; done secretly and quietly so as not to be noticed  
germane   relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter  
glib   marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial  
grandiloquence   pompous speech or expression  
gregarious   sociable; outgoing; enjoying the company of other people; liking to be with other people; living in societies; liking the company  
hackneed   rendered trite or commonplace by frequent usage; used so often that it has become trite and dull; lacking in freshness or originality  
halcyon   calm; peaceful; happy  
harangue   to deliver a pompous speech or tirade; to address in a ranting way; long, loud, serious and use angry speech; a long passionate speech  
hedonism   devotion to pleasurable pursuits, especially to the pleasures of the senses  
hegemony   the consistent dominance of one state or ideology over others; leadership esp by one state in a group of states  
heretical   violating accepted dogma or convention  
hubris   arrogant presumption or pride; arrogant pride  
reflugent   radiant, shiny, brillant  
relegate   to forcibly assign, especially to a lower place or position; banish; consign to inferior position  
renege   to fail or honor a commitment; to go back on a promise  
repudiate   to refuse to have anything to do with; disown  
rescind   to invalidate; to repeal; to retract;cancel or repeal (a law, contract) annul  
refulgent   radiant, shiny, brilliant, gloriously bright; shining  
choleric   easily angered, short-tempered  
churlish   rude  
cistern   tank for rainwater  
coalesce   to grow together; cause to unit as one  
coffer   strongbox, large chest for money  
cognomen   family name; any name, especially a nickname  
comeliness   physical grace and beauty  
commodious   roomy, spacious  
compunctious   feeling guilty or having misgivings  
conciliatory   overcoming distrust or hostility  
conflagration   big, destructive fire  
congenial   similar in tastes and habits  
consanguineous   of the same origin; related by blood  
contentious   quarrelsome, disagreeable, belligerent  
contumacious   rebellious  
corpulence   obesity, fatness, bulkiness  
corrugate   to mold in shape with parallel grooves and ridges  
cosset   to pamper, treat with great care  
coterie   small group of persons with a similar purpose  
coven   group of witches  
curmudgeon   cranky person  
decliivty   downward slop  
deleterious   harmful, destructive, detrimental  
deluge   flood  
demagogue   leader or rabble rouser who usually appeal to emotion or prejudice  
denigrate   to lsur or blacken someone's reputation  
descry   to discover or reveal  
diaphanous   allowing light to show through; delicate  
dictum   authoritative statement; popular saying  
didactic   excessively instructive  
diluvial   relating to the flood  
diminutive   small  
discomfit   to cause perplexity and embarrassment  
distaff   the female branch of the family  
dither   to move or act confusedly or without clear purpose  
doctrinaire   rigidly devoted to theories  
dolor   sadness  
doughty   courageous  
droll   amusing in a wry, subtle way  
dyspeptic   suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable  
ebullient   exhilarated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits  
effluvia   outpouring of gases or vapors  
effulgent   brilliantly shining  
egregious   onspicuously bad  
emend   to correct a text  
emoillient   having soothing qualities, esp. for skin  
encomium   warm praise  
endemic   belonging to a particular area, inherent  
cajole   to flatter, coax, persuade  
calamitous   disastrous, catastrophic  
calumny   false and malicious accusation, misrepresentation, slander  
canard   lie  
carom   to strike and rebound  
cavalcade   a procession  
chagrin   shame, embarrassment, humiliation  
charlatan   quack, fake  
chattel   piece of personal property  
chimerical   fanciful, imaginary, visionary, impossible  
bacchanalian   drunkenly festive  
balk   to refuse, shirk; prevent  
beatific   saintly, angelic  
behemoth   huge creature  
belie   to misrepresent; expose as false  
benison   blessing  
bifurcate   divide into two parts  
bilious   easily irritated, relating to bile  
bonhomie   good-natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer  
bulwark   defense wall; anything serving as defense  
cajole   to flatter, coax, persuade  
calamitous   disastrous, catastrophic  
calumny   false and malicious accusation, misrepresentation, slander  
canard   lie  
carom   to shake and rebound  
cavalcade   a processesion  
chagring   shame, embarrassment, humiliation  
charlatan   quack, fake  
chattel   piece of personal property  
chimerical   forceful, imaginary, visionary, impossible  
itinerant   wandering from place to place; unsettled  
invidious   likely to provoke ill will; offensive  
obfuscate   to confuse, to bewilder, to stupefy  
allay   to lessen or relieve, mitigate, to alleviate  
perquisite   a reward over and above one's salary  
quixotic   romantic, unrealistic, visionary, impractical  
whitewash   is to misrepresent a bad thing to make it look better  
apt   appropriate  
ineluctable   inescapable, doomed  
dissipated   dissolute, fast, gay, incontinent, licentious, profligate, rakish, unbridled, uncontrolled, uninhibited, wanton; indulging in or characterized by excessive devotion to pleasure; intemperate; dissolute  
levity   lightness of mind; silliness; frivolity; amusement; buoyancy; festivity; flippancy; absurdity; hilarity  
disseminate   to spread widely, circulate, diffuse, disperse, distribute, radiate, scatter, blaze, blazon, promulgate, broadcast  
syncopated   cut short; abbreviated; refers to a pattern or rhythm in which stress is shifted onto normally unaccented beats  
saturnine   sluggish in temperament; gloomy; taciturn  
belie   to show to be false; contradict; slander; to misrepresent  
culpable   deserving blame or censure; blameworthy; fault, guilt; onus  
anathematize   damn, curse  
contrition   compunction, remorse, repentance, rue, attrition, humiliation, penance, penitence, ruth, sorrow, sincere penitence or remorse  
pique   dudgeon, huff, miff, resentment, umbrage, offend, affront, egg on, foment, galvanize  
mawkish   maudlin, romantic, soft, mushy, nauseous  
temerity   recklessness, audacity, gall, effrontery, reckless boldness  
jejune   bland, innocuous, immature, childish (callow), dull, empty flat,  
vitiate   impair the quality of, blemish, distract, canker, impair, mar  


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