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use if in Mrs. Shopes class

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Who is the real monster in this story?   suspicion, blaming, jumping to conclusions, fear,AND the human minds  
why does the author put conflicts/ complications?   to make the story interesting or exciting  
Who is Tommy about when he says THEM?   the aliens(figure 1 and figure 2)  
Why do the people accuse Les Goodman?   Because he was already a bit strange  
What was the realtionship between the neighbors in the beggining of the play before the thing flys over them?   They were neighborly, nice, kind, acting NORMAL  
Why didn't the people believe Tommy in the beggining Then they did?   Because Les'es car started by ITSELF!!  
Why does the author use the title?   There are alot of streets similar to them in the united states  
What made the people nevous at the beggining of the story?   Poweer went out, the HAM radio didn't work, lights went out, cars wouldn't start, lawn mower wouldn't start, and only one car started by ITSELF!  
very still nailed to a spot   transfixed  
agreement   assent  
definite   explict  
closing in   converging  
danger, threat   menace  
differences   variation  
understandable(fathom)   intelligible  
frightend with threats   imtimidate  
boldly resisting autority   definate  
peculiarity   idosyncrasy  
moving back   receding  
large moving crowd   hordes  


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Created by: valeriez on 2008-10-21

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