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Lout - Maul

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Lout   clumsy person  
Low   to moo  
Lucid   easily understood; clear; intelligible  
Lucrative   profitable  
Lucre   money  
Ludicrous   laughable; trifling  
Lugubrious   mournful; dismal  
Lull   moment of calm  
Lumber   to move heavily or clumsily  
Lumen   unit of light energy (one candle’s worth)  
Luminary   celebrity; dignitary  
Luminous   shining; issuing light  
Lunar   pertaining to the moon  
Lunge   make a quick forward dive or reach; thrust  
Lurid   wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome  
Lurk   to stealthily lie in waiting; slink; exit unperceived  
Luscious   pleasing to taste or smell  
Luster   shine; gloss  
Lustrous   shining  
Luxuriant   abundant; rich and splendid; fertile  
Macabre   gruesome; grisly  
Mace   ceremonial staff; clublike medieval weapon  
Macerate   to soften by soaking in liquid; waste away  
Machiavellian   crafty; double*dealing  
Machinations   evil schemes or plots  
Maculated   spotted; stained  
Madrigal   pastoral song  
Maelstrom   whirlpool  
Magisterial   authoritative; imperious  
Magnanimity   generosity  
Magnate   person of prominence or influence  
Magniloquent   boastful, pompous  
Magnitude   greatness; extent  
Maim   to mutilate; to injure  
Maladroit   clumsy; bungling (unskilled)  
Malady   illness  
Malaise   uneasiness; vague felling of ill health  
Malapropism   comic misuse of a word  
Malcontent   person dissatisfied with existing state of affairs  
Malediction   curse  
Malefactor   evildoer; criminal  
Malevolent   wishing evil  
Malfeasance   wrongdoing  
Malicious   hateful; spiteful  
Malign   to speak evil of; bad*mouth; defame  
Malignant   injurious; tending to cause death; aggressively malevolent  
Malingerer   one who feigns illness to escape duty  
Malleable   capable of being shaped by pounding  
Malodorous   foul-smelling  
Mammal   vertebrate animal whose female suckles its young  
Mammoth   gigantic; enormous  
Manacle   to restrain; to handcuff  
Mandate   order; charge in his inaugural address  
Mangy   shabby; wretched  
Maniacal   raging mad; insane  
Manifest   evident; visible; obvious  
Manifestation   outward demonstration; indication  
Manifesto   declaration; statement of policy  
Manifold   numerous; varied  
Manipulate   to operate with one’s hands; to control or play upon artfully  
Mannered   affected; not natural  
Manumit   to emancipate; to free from bondage  
Marital   pertaining to marriage  
Maritime   bordering on the sea; nautical  
Marked   noticeable; targeted for vengeance  
Marred   damaged; disfigured  
Marshal   to put in order  
Marsupial   one of a family of mammals that nurse their offspring in a pouch  
Martial   warlike  
Martinet   no talking at meals  
Martyr   one who voluntarily suffers death for his or her religion or cause; great sufferer  
Masochist   person who enjoys his own pain  
Masticate   to chew  
Materialism   preoccupation with physical comforts and things  
Maternal   motherly  
Matriarch   a woman who rules a family or larger social group  
Matriculate   to enroll  
Matrix   point of origin; array of numbers or algebraic symbols; mold or die  
Maudlin   effusively sentimental  
Maul   to handle roughly  


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Created by: triwaingle