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Word List 49 Velocity - Vogue

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Velocity   n. speed  
Venal   adj. capable of being bribed  
Vendetta   n. blood feud  
Vendor   n. seller  
Veneer   n. thin layer; cover  
Venerable   adj. deserving high respect  
Venerate   v. revere  
Venial   adj. forgivable; trivial  
Venison   n. meat of a dear  
Venom   n. poison; hatred  
Vent   n. small opening; outlet  
Ventral   adj. abdominal  
Ventriloquist   n. someone who can make his or her voice seem to come from another person of thing  
Venture   v. risk; dare; undertake a risk  
Venturesome   adj. bold  
Venue   n. location  
Veracious   adj. truthful  
Veracity   n .truthfulness  
Verbalize   v. put into words  
Verbatim   adv. word for word  
Verbiage   n. pompous array of words  
Verbose   adj. wordy  
Verdant   adj. green; lush in vegetation  
Verdigris   n. green coating on copper that has be exposed to the weather  
Verge   n. border; edge  
Verisimilar   adj. probable or likely; having the appearance of truth  
Verisimilitude   n. appearance of truth; likelihood  
Veritable   adj. actual; being truly so; not false or imaginary  
Verity   n. quality of being true; lasting truth or principle  
Vernacular   n. living language; natural style  
Vernal   adj. pertaining to spring  
Versatile   adj. having many talents; capable of working in many fields  
Vertex   n. summit  
Vertigo   n. sever dizziness  
Verve   n. enthusiasm; liveliness  
Vestige   n. trace; remains  
Vex   n. annoy; distress  
Viable   adj. practical or workable; capable of maintaining life  
Viand   n. food  
Vicarious   adj. acting as a substitute; done by a deputy  
Vicissitude   n. change of fortune  
Victuals   n. food  
Vie   v. contend; compete  
Vigilant   adj. watchfully awake; alert to spot danger  
Vigor   n. active strength  
Vignette   n. picture; short literary sketch  
Vilify   v. slander  
Vindicate   v. clear from blame; exonerate; justify or support  
Vintner   n. winemaker; seller of wine  
Viper   n. poisonous snake  
Virile   adj. manly  
Virtual   adj. in essence; for practical purposes  
Virtue   n. goodness; moral excellence; good quality  
Virtuoso   n. highly skilled artist  
Virulent   adj. extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter  
Virus   n. disease communicator  
Visage   n. face; appearance  
Visceral   adj. felt in one’s inner organs  
Viscid   adj. adhesive; gluey  
Viscous   adj. sticky; gluey  
Vise   n. tool for holding work in place  
Visionary   adj. produced by imagination; fanciful; mystical  
Vital   adj. vibrant and lively; critical; living; breathing  
Vitiate   v. spoil the effect of; make inoperative  
Vitreous   adj. pertaining to or resembling glass  
Vitriolic   adj. corrosive; sarcastic  
Vituperative   adj. abusive; scolding  
Vivacious   adj. lively or animated; sprightly  
Vivisection   n. act of dissecting living animals  
Vixen   n. female fox; ill-tempered woman  
Vociferous   adj. clamorous; noisy  
Vogue   n. popular fashion  


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Created by: fiutobot