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Inveterate - Laggard

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Inveterate   deep-rooted; habitual  
Invidious   designed to create ill will or envy  
Invincible   unconquerable  
Inviolable   secure from corruption, attack, or violation; unassailable  
Invocation   prayer fro help; calling upon as a reference or support  
Invoke   to call upon; ask for  
Invulnerable   incapable of injury  
Iota   very small quantity  
Irascible   irritable; easily angered  
Irate   angry  
Iridescent   exhibiting rainbow-like colors  
Irksome   annoying; tedious  
Ironic   occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner  
Irony   hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that seem to mean the opposite of what they actually mean  
Irreconcilable   incompatible; not able to be resolved  
Irrefutable   indisputable; incontrovertible; undeniable  
Irrelevant   not applicable; unrelated  
Irremediable   incurable; uncorrectable  
Irreparable   not able to be corrected or repaired  
Irrepressible   unable to be restrained or held back  
Irreproachable   blameless; impeccable  
Irresolute   uncertain how to act; weak  
Irretrievable   impossible to recover or regain; irreparable  
Irreverence   lack of proper respect  
Irrevocable   unalterable; irreversible  
Isotope   varying form of an element  
Isthmus   narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land  
Itinerant   wandering; traveling  
Itinerary   plan of a trip  
Jabber   to chatter rapidly or unintelligibly  
Jaded   fatigued; surfeited  
Jargon   language used by a special group; technical terminology; gibberish  
Jaundiced   exhibiting prejudice, as from envy or resentment; yellowed  
Jaunt   a trip; a short journey  
Jaunty   lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree  
Jeopardize   to endanger; to imperil; to put at risk  
Jettison   to throw overboard  
Jibe   to agree; to be in harmony with  
Jingoist   extremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist  
Jocose   characterized by joking  
Jocular   playful  
Jocund   merry  
Jollity   gaiety; cheerfulness  
Jostle   to shove; to bump  
Jovial   good-natured; merry  
Jubilation   rejoicing  
Judicious   sound in judgment; wise  
Juggernaut   any large, overpowering, destructive force or object, as war, a giant battleship, or a powerful football team <Nothing could survive in the path of the juggernaut.>  
Juncture   a crisis; joining point  
Junket   a trip, esp. one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense  
Junta   a group of person joined in political intrigue; Cabal  
Jurisprudence   science of law  
Justification   good or just reason; defense; excuse  
Juxtapose   to place side by side  
Kaleidoscope   tube in which patterns made by the reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass, produce symmetrical effects  
Ken   range of knowledge  
Kernel   central or vital part; whole seed of corn  
Killjoy   a grouch; a spoilsport  
Kindle   to start a fire; to inspire  
Kindred   related; similar in nature or character  
Kinetic   producing motion  
Kismet   fate  
Kleptomaniac   person who has a compulsive desire to steal  
Knave   untrustworthy person; rogue; scoundrel  
Knead   to mix; to work dough  
Knell   tolling of a bell, esp. to indicate a funeral disaster  
Knit   to contract into wrinkles; to grow together  
Knoll   little, round hill  
Knotty   intricate; difficult; tangled  
Kudos   honor; glory; praise  
Labile   likely to change; unstable  
Laborious   demanding much work or care; tedious  
Labyrinth   maze  
Laceration   a torn, ragged wound  
Lachrymose   producing tears <His voice had a lachrymose quality….>  
Lackadaisical   lacking purpose or zest; halfhearted; languid  
Lackluster   dull  
Laconic   brief and to the point  
Laggard   slow; sluggish  


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