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Cambridge Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Ch. 1–22 < 100x

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

אָוֶן   n.m. trouble, deception, wickedness, false cult (81) c21  
אוֹצָר   n.m. treasury, storehouse (79) c16  
אוֹת   n.m. sign, symbol, pledge, omen (79) c9  
אָחַז   vb. to grasp, take hold (63) c12  
אֵיךְ   adv. How? (61) c8  
אָמַן   vb. *Hi. to believe in; Ni. to prove reliable, faithful (97) c21  
אָסַר   vb. to bind, tie, harness (73) c18  
אֹרֶך   n.m. length (95) c18  
אָרַר   vb. to curse (63) c7  
אַתְּ   prn. you (fem. sg.) (67) c3  
אַתֵּנָה   prn. you (fem. pl.) (4) c3  
בּוֹר   n.m. pit, cistern, well, fig. the grave (67) c19  
בַּל   adv. not, no (73) c13  
בָּעַר   vb. to burn, purge (87*) c17  
בָּרַח   vb. to flee (63) c14  
בְּרָכָה   n.f. blessing (69) c15  
גְּבוּרָה   n.f. strength (62) c21  
גָּנַב   vb. to steal (40) c12  
דֶלֶת   n.f. door (88) c16  
דָּעַת   inf. to know (Qal inf. cs. יָדָע ) c7 (51)  
דָּעַת   n.f. knowledge (88) c7  
דָּרַךְ   vb. to tread, march, bend (a bow) (63) c14  
הֶבֶל   n.m/f. futility, vapor (73) c21  
הֵיחָל   n.m. palace, temple (80) c16  
הָמוֹן   n.m/f. sound, murmur, tumult (86) c15  
הֵנָּה   prn. they (fem. pl.) (31*) c3  
הָפַךְ   vb. to turn, overturn, change (95) c20  
זָעַק   vb. to cry out, call (73) c11  
חָדַשׁ   adj. new (53) c4  
חָלַה   vb. be sick, weak; Pi. to entreat (75) c19  
חְַלוֹם   n.m. dream (65) c17  


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