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Integrated Korean - Intermediate 2 - Lesson 10

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

오락   recreation  
취미 생활   hobby life  
운동하다   to exercise  
볼링하다   to go bowling  
농구하다   to play basketball  
수영하다   to go swimming  
비디오 보다   to watch a video  
책 읽다   to read a book (1)  
독서하다   to read a book (2)  
음악 감상   music appreciation  
영화 감상   movie appreciation  
등산   mountain climbing  
우표를 모으다   to collect stamps  
낚시   fishing  
노래방   karaoke  
소설 책   novel  
현대인   modern people  
새벽   dawn  
쉬다   to rest  
쓰러지다   to collapse  
중요하다   to be important  
스터레스가 쌓이다   to get stressed  
스터레스가 풀리다   to be relieved of stress  
스터레스를 풀다   to relieve stress  
상쾌하다   to be refreshing  
꽃을 기르다   to grow flowers  
직장   workplace  
퇴근   coming home from work  
출근   going to work  
동료   coworker  
주말   weekend  
간단하다   to be simple  
친구를 사귀다   to make friends  


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Created by: snakku