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Unit 15

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Vocab. - Level C
Unit 15
abyss   (n.) a deep or bottomless pit  
befall   (v.) to happen, occur; to happen to  
crucial   (adj.) of supreme importance, decisive, critical  
dregs   (n.pl.) the last remaining part; the part of least worth  
embody   (v.) to give form to; incorprate, include; to personify  
exasperate   (v.) to irritate annoy, or anger  
fiasco   (n.) the complete collapse or failure of a project  
garnish   (v.) to adorn or decorate, especially food; (n.) an ornament or decoration, especially for food  
heritage   (n.) an inheritance; a birthright  
inert   (adj.) lifeless, unable to move or act; slow, inactive  
mercenary   (adj.) acting or working for self-gain only; (n.) a hired soldier, a soldier of fortune  
negligent   (adj.) marked by carelessness or indifference; failing to do what should be done  
oblivion   (n.) forgetfulness, disregard; a state of being forgotten; an amnesty, general pardon.  
opus   (n.) an impressive piece of work, expecially a musical composition or other work of art.  
pallid   (adj) pale, lacking color; weak and lifeless.  
parable   (n.) a short narrative designed to teach a moral lesson.  
rational   (adj.) based on reasoning; able to make use of reason; sensible, reasonable.  
reciprocal   (adj.) shared; involving give-and-take between two persons or things; working in both directions; (n.) (math) a number that, when multiplied by another number, gives 1.  
stricture.   (n.) a limitation or reaction; a criticism; (medicine) a narrowing of a passage in the body  
veneer   (n.) a thin outer layer; a surface appearance or decoration; (v.) to cover with a thin layer.  


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