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Integrated Korean - Intermediate 2 - Adjectives

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

대단하다   to be wonderful  
섭섭하다   to be sorry, sad  
친하다   to be close, friendly  
짧다   to be short  
길다   to be long  
상하다   to be damaged  
굵다   to be thick, big  
가늘다   to be thin  
시원하다   to be refreshing, cool  
싱싱하다   to be fresh  
즐겁다   to be joyful  
부드럽다   to be soft  
무겁다   to be heavy  
귀찮아하다   to be annoying  
멋있다   to be cool  
맛있다   to be delicious  
행복하다   to be happy  
중요하다   to be important  
상쾌하다   to be refreshing  
간단하다   to be simple  
밀리다   to be delayed  
붐비다   to be crowded  
한산하다   to be empty  


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Created by: snakku on 2008-01-25

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