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Barron's GRE words from 501 to 600

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

miscellany   mixture of writings on various subjects  
miscreant   villain; criminal  
misogynist   one who hates women  
mitigate   to cause to become less harsh, severe, or painful; alleviate  
mnemonic   related to memory; assisting memory  
modicum   limited quantity  
mollify   to soothe  
monolithic   solid and uniform; constituting a single, unified whole  
morose   ill-humored; sullen  
motley   many colored; made up of many parts  
multifarious   diverse  
mundane   worldly as opposed to spiritual; concerned with the ordinary  
necromancy   black magic  
negate   to cancel out; nullify  
neologism   new word or pexpression  
neophyte   novice; beginner  
nexus   a means of connection; a connected group or series; a center  
nonplussed   bewildered  
nostalgia   sentimental longing for a past time  
nostrum   medicine or remedy of doubtful effectiveness; supposed cure  
nugatory   trifling; invalid  
obdurate   stubborn  
obsequious   overly submissive  
obsequy   funeral ceremony (often used in the plural, obsequies)  
obviate   to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent  
occlude   to shut; block  
occult   relating to practices connected with supernatural phenomena  
odyssey   a long, adventurous voyage; a guest  
officious   too helpful; meddlesome  
olfactory   concerning the sense of smell  
oligarchy   form of government in which power belongs to only a few leaders  
onerous   burdensome  
onomatopoeia   formation or use of words that imitate sounds of the actions they refer to  
opprobrium   disgrace; contempt  
ornithologist   scientist who studies birds  
oscillate   to move back and forth  
ostentatious   showy; trying to attract attention; pretentious  
overweening   presumptuous; arrogant; overbearing  
paean   song of joy or triumph; a fervent expression of joy  
paleontology   study of past geological eras through fossil remains  
pallid   lacking color or liveliness  
panegyric   elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise  
paragon   model of excellence or perfection  
partisan   one-sided; committed to a party, group, or cause; prejudiced  
pathological   departing from normal condition  
patois   a regional dialect; nonstandard speech; jargon  
paucity   scarcity  
pedantic   showing off learning  
pellucid   transparent; translucent; easily understood  
penchant   inclination  
penury   extreme poverty  
peregrination   a wandering from place to place  
peremptory   imperative; leaving no choice  
perennial   present throughout the years; persistent  
perfidious   faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy  
perfunctory   superficial; not thorough; performed really as a duty  
perigee   point in an orbit that is closest to the Earth  
permeable   penetrable  
perturb   to disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious; cause a body to deviate from its regular orbit  
pervasive   spread throughout every part  
petulant   rude; peevish  
phlegmatic   calm in temperament; sluggish  
phoenix   mythical, immortal bird that lives for 500 years, burns itself to death, and rises from its ashes; anything that is restored after suffering great destruction  
physiognomy   facial features  
piety   devoutness  
piquant   appealingly stimulating; pleasantly pungent; attractive  
pique   fleeting feeling of hurt pride  
placate   to lessen another's anger; to pacify  
placid   calm  
plaintive   melancholy; mournful  
plasticity   condition of being able to be shaped or formed; pliability  
platitude   stale, overused expression  
platonic   spiritual; without sensual desire; theoretical  
plethora   excess; overabundance  
plumb   to determine the depth; to examine deeply  
plummet   to fall; plunge  
plutocracy   society ruled by the wealthy  
porous   full of holes; permeable to liquids  
poseur   person who affects an attitude or identity to impress others  
pragmatic   practical  
prate   to talk idly; chatter  
prattle   meaningless, foolish talk  
preamble   preliminary statement  
precarious   uncertain  
precept   principle; law  
precipitate (v.)   to cause to happen; throw down from a height  
precipitate (adj.)   rash; hasty; sudden  
precursor   forerunner; predecessor  
preempt   to supersede; appropriate for oneself  
prehensile   capable of grasping  
premonition   forewarning; presentiment  
presage   to foretell; indicate in advance  
presumptuous   rude; improperly bold  
preternatural   beyond the normal course of nature; supernatural  
prevaricate   to quibble; evade the truth  
primordial   original; existing from the beginning  
pristine   untouched; uncorrupted  
probity   honesty; high-mindedness  
problematic   posing a problem; doubtful; unsettled  
prodigal   wasteful; extravagant; lavish  


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