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Hindi Flashcards

Description ▼ Date Stars
'Ko'- possession (oblique form)  (11 cards) 2013-10-29  
Devanagari syllabary  (55 cards) 2014-07-14 1
Hindi consonants  (39 cards) 2014-09-21  
Hindi numbers 1-99  (99 cards) 2013-08-08 1
Interrogative words  (5 cards) 2013-10-29  
learn your hindi vowels!!!  (13 cards) 2014-09-20  
Oblique forms of pronouns  (13 cards) 2013-10-29  
Possessive adjectives  (11 cards) 2013-10-29  
Present tense pronouns  (9 cards) 2013-10-29  
Simple Postpositions  (5 cards) 2013-10-29  
Various Vocab  (61 cards) 2013-10-29  
Vocabulary  (77 cards) 2014-07-14  

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