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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Extrensic Int. Back Traps, Lats, Levator Scapula, Rhom major & minor / Serratus posterior sup & inf Physical Therapy 2008-10-24 scptguy19 7 0 edit
Intrinsic Back Superficial & Intermediate layers Physical Therapy 2008-10-24 scptguy19 5 0 edit
Intrinsic Back Deep Layer (transversospinal Musculature) + quad lumborum Physical Therapy 2008-10-24 scptguy19 4 0 edit
upper arm upper arm Unfinished 2008-12-02 scptguy19 7 0 edit
rotator cuff RC plus TM Unfinished 2008-12-02 scptguy19 5 0 edit
Post compartment superficial layer Physical Therapy 2009-02-22 scptguy19 6 0 edit
Post compartment Deep layer Physical Therapy 2009-02-22 scptguy19 5 0 edit
iliopsoas, sart, TFL iliopsoas, sartorius, TFL Physical Therapy 2009-02-24 scptguy19 5 0 edit
Quads Quads Physical Therapy 2009-02-24 scptguy19 4 0 edit
Medial Thigh Medial Thigh Physical Therapy 2009-02-24 scptguy19 7 0 edit
Flexor compartment superficial, intermediate layers Physical Therapy 2009-03-07 scptguy19 5 0 edit
Posterior thigh/hip glutes, piriformis, tricepts coxae Physical Therapy 2009-03-24 scptguy19 7 0 edit
ant/lat compartment tibialis anterior, ext. hallucis longus, ext. digitorum longus, fibulari tertius Physical Therapy 2009-04-07 scptguy19 5 0 edit
posterior leg comp. GS, plantaris,popliteus,flex hallicus longus,flex digitorium longus, tibialis Physical Therapy 2009-04-07 scptguy19 7 0 edit
1st & 2 layer foot abd hallucis, flexor digitorium, abd digiti minimi /lumbricles, Quadratus planta Physical Therapy 2009-04-21 scptguy19 5 0 edit
3rd and 4th layer flex hallucis brevis, add hallucis, flex dm brevis, plantar & dorsal interossei Unfinished 2009-04-21 scptguy19 5 0 edit
NPTE burn class. burn classification / depth of injury Unfinished 2011-04-18 scptguy19 4 0 edit
OP terminology OP terminology Unfinished 2011-05-24 scptguy19 88 0 edit
lspine class. lspine class. Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 6 0 edit
lspine cpr lspine cpr Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 3 0 edit
neck pain class. neck pain class. Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 4 0 edit
cerv CPR cerv CPR Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 2 0 edit
measuring effusion measuring effusion Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 8 0 edit
soreness rules soreness rules Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 5 0 edit
tissue healing table tissue healing table Unfinished 2011-05-26 scptguy19 11 0 edit
muscle classes muscle classes Unfinished 2011-05-27 scptguy19 4 0 edit
Visceral symptoms Visceral symptoms Unfinished 2012-02-28 scptguy19 9 0 edit

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