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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
prepositions Play games with prepositons Miscellaneous 2020-04-21 satmariaj 10 0 edit
Imperfect practice Imperfect means "used to"-practice here Unfinished 2020-04-20 satmariaj 23 0 edit
el bosque-plantas play game with new vocab about el bosque tropical Spanish 2022-01-31 satmariaj 12 0 edit
imperfect/preterit Go from the preterit to the imperfect form of the verb and vice-versa Spanish 2020-04-29 satmariaj 12 0 edit
Animales-granja Farm animals Spanish 2020-05-14 satmariaj 7 0 edit
los colores Practice the colors using these flashcards! Unfinished 2020-08-04 satmariaj 7 0 edit
ar preterit-yo Given the "ar" verb, see if you can guess the "yo" form Unfinished 2020-08-13 satmariaj 7 0 edit
los deportes los deportes Unfinished 2020-10-20 satmariaj 21 0 edit
Las emociones Las emociones Unfinished 2020-10-28 satmariaj 11 0 edit
el desayuno el desayuno Unfinished 2020-10-29 satmariaj 15 0 edit
el almuerzo el almuerzo Unfinished 2020-11-02 satmariaj 16 0 edit
las frutas las frutas Unfinished 2021-09-28 satmariaj 15 0 edit
las verduras las verduras Unfinished 2020-11-12 satmariaj 10 0 edit
la mercancia la mercancia Unfinished 2020-11-17 satmariaj 21 0 edit
er verbs conjugate the verb with the subject Unfinished 2020-11-24 satmariaj 17 0 edit
preterit regular ver preterit regular ver Unfinished 2020-12-08 satmariaj 24 0 edit
5th desayuno/almuerz 5th desayuno/almuerz Unfinished 2020-11-30 satmariaj 16 0 edit
la cena y el postre la cena y el postre Unfinished 2020-11-30 satmariaj 12 0 edit
5th grade des/alm 5th grade des/alm Unfinished 2021-01-19 satmariaj 16 0 edit
los juguetes los juguetes Unfinished 2021-01-27 satmariaj 13 0 edit
the verb "tener" the verb "tener" Unfinished 2021-02-08 satmariaj 19 0 edit
things at a party things at a party Unfinished 2021-02-17 satmariaj 11 0 edit
actividades fiesta actividades fiesta Unfinished 2021-02-18 satmariaj 12 0 edit
los insectos los insectos Unfinished 2021-02-22 satmariaj 9 0 edit
irreg. preterit irreg. preterit Unfinished 2021-02-24 satmariaj 11 0 edit
imperfect/preterit Give the preterit and imperfect forms of the verb with the subject Unfinished 2021-04-19 satmariaj 10 0 edit
geografia geografia Unfinished 2021-03-09 satmariaj 20 0 edit
physical description physical description Unfinished 2021-08-11 satmariaj 17 0 edit
dias y meses dias y meses Unfinished 2021-09-13 satmariaj 18 0 edit
la fecha la fecha Unfinished 2021-09-16 satmariaj 5 0 edit
some ar verbs some ar verbs Unfinished 2021-09-20 satmariaj 12 0 edit
cosas en una clase cosas en una clase Unfinished 2021-10-19 satmariaj 20 0 edit

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