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Barb Exam I

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Two major division of the ANS   Sympathetic T1-L2/L3 (thoracolumbar division). Parasympathetic S2-S4 (craniosacral division).  
What is the ANS controlled by   Higher Centers in the hypothalamus and limbic system as well as by afferent ssny info from the periphery  
anterior horn cells or CN motor nuclei project directly from the CNS to skeletal mm   somatic efferent  
peripheral synapse between the CNS and the effector gland or smooth muscle   autonomic efferent  
ssny inputs for the ANS are located where   Centrally. & Peripherally.  
does the ANS have afferent and efferent pathways   no just efferent  
enteric   third division of the ANS. consist of neural plexus lying w/in the wall of the gut  
Where are the preganglionic nns of the sympathetic system?   Intermediolateral cell column. AKA: lateral horn  
2 set of sympathetic ganglia   1. paired paravertebral ganglia. 2. paired pre vertebral ganglia .  
What do the paravertebral ganglia form? Where does it run? Purpose?   Sympathetic Chain. Cervical to sacral on each side of the SC. Allows sympathetic efferents, which exit only the thoracolumbar levels , to reach other parts of the body as well  
location of prevertebral ganglia   celiac plexus surrounding the aorta. (contain lots of ganglia)  
do preganglionic sympathetics neuron or post have a longer distance to travel   post ganaglionic neurons  
parasympathetic preganglionic fiber must travle a _____ distance to reach there terminal ganglia located _____ or ________ effector organ   Long. Within Near  
parasympathetic preganglionic fiber arise where   Cranial nn parasympathetic nuclei Sacral parasympathetic nuclei (located in lateral gray matter of S2-S4)  
outflow of both divisions is controlled directly and indirectly by what higher centers   Hypothalamus BS nuclei (nucleus solitarius) Amygdala (limbic region)  
What can other ANS responses be regulated by beside higher centers?   Afferent ssy info: -Signals from internal receptors (chemoreceptors, osmoreceptors, thermoreceptor and baroreceptors)  


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Created by: klkoester