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Janese for Busy People Vol 1 at a Party

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Oishii   Delicious  
Honto   Really  
naratte imasu   Take Lesson  
kukkingu-sukuru   cooking school  
Nihon-ryori   Japanese food  
naraitai desu   want to learn  
sono   Reference what cam up in previos conversation  
judo   judo  
ikebana   Flower arranging  
o-cha   Tea ceremony  
atama   head  
me   eye  
ha   tooth  
nodo   throat  
onaka   belly, stomach  
kata   shoulder  
senaka   back  
koshi   lower back  
te   hand  
ashi   leg or foot  
ikitai desu   want to go  
itai desu   be painful or hurt  
kagu   furniture  
shorai   the future  
atatakai   warm  
machi   town  
kurasu   class  
do shimashita ka   What is the matter with you?  
netsu   fever  
38-do   38 degrees  
-do   degree  
sobetsuki   farewell party  
kimashita ka   did you come?  
osoi desu   be late  


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Created by: ddayton