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Ch. 9 and 10 cards

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

agglutin/o agglutination   to clump  
aniso- anisocytosis   unequal  
bas/o basophil   base  
blast/o, -blast blastocyte   embryonic stage of development  
chrom/o chromophilic   color  
coagul/o coagulation   clotting  
cyt/o cytogenesis   cell  
-emia polycythemia   blood condition  
eosin/o eosinophilia   red, rosy  
erythr/o erythrocytopenia   red  
-globin hemoglobin   containing protein  
hem/o hemogram   blood  
hemat/o hematologist   blood  
is/o isotonic   equal  
kary/o karyocyte   nucleus  
leuk/o leukocyte   white  
-lytic hemolytic   destruction  
mono- monocytopenia   one  
morph/o morphology   form, shape  
myel/o myeloblast   bone marrow or spinal cord  
nucle/o nucleus   nucleus  
-oid spheroid   resembling  
-osis erythrocytosis   condition  
-penia pancytopenia   decrease in; deficiency  
-phage macrophage   to eat  
phag/o phagocyte   to eat  
-philia hemophilia   attraction to  
-phoresis electrophoresis   transmission  
-poiesis erythropoiesis   formation  
poikil/o poikilocytosis   varied; irregular  
sider/o sideroblast   iron  
spher/o spherocytosis   round; sphere  
-stasis hemostasis   stopping or controlling  
thromb/o thrombosis   clot  
immun/o immunodeficiency   immune, protection  
lymph/o lymphocyte   lymph  
lymphaden/o lymphadenitis   lymph gland  
lymphangi/o lymphangiogram   lymph vessel  
sarc/o Kaposi's sarcoma   flesh  


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Created by: KRoles