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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

obstreperous   boisterous;noisy  
obtrude   push foreward;intrude;stik out or extrude  
obtuse   blunt;stupid  
obviate   make unnecessary;get rid of  
occident   the west  
occult   mysterious;secret;supernatural  
odious//odium   hateful;vile//detestation;hatefulness  
odyssey   long eventful journey  
offhand   casual,done without prior thought  
officious   meddlesome;excesively pushy in offering one's services  
ogle   look at amorously;make eyes at  
oligarchy   govt.by a privilaged few  
ominous   threatening  
omnipotent   all-powerful  
omniscient   all-knowing  
onerous   burdensome  
onomatopoeia   words formed in imitation of natural sounds  
onus   burden;responsibility  
opalescent   iridescent;lustrous  
opprobium   infamy(spoil reputation or character);vilification  
opulence   extreme wealth;luxuriousness;abundance  
opus   work  
oracular   prophetic;uttered as if with divine authority  
oratorio   dramatic poem set to music  
ordain   decree or command;grant holy orders  
ordeal   severe trial or affliction  
ordination   ceremony conferring holy orders  
orgy   wild;drunken revelry;unrestrained indulgence  
orient   get one's bearings;adjust  
orthography   correct spelling  
ostensible//ostentatious   apparent;showy;pretended  
oust   expel;drive out  
outlandish   bizarre;peculiar;unconventional  
outmoded   no longer stylish;old-fashioned  
outstrip   surpass;outdo  
outwit   outsmart;trick  
ovation   enthusiatic applause  
overbearing   bossy;arrogant;decisively imp.  
overt   open to view  
overweening   presumptuous;arrogant  


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Created by: physio_sambit