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Vocab# 3 & D-G abbreviations

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What does noscomial infection mean?   hospital aquired infection  
what is a thrombus?   blood clot (stationary)  
what is a embolus??   blood clot that originated elsewhere  
what is vertigo?   dizziness  
what is tinnitus?   ringing in the ear  
What is an epistaxis?   nosebleed  
what is amnesia?   loss of memory  
what is lethargic?   sluggish, drowsy  
What is ascites?   abnormal accumulation of the fluid in the abdomen  
what is atrophy?   wasting away of muscle due to lack of use  
what is benign?   not cancerous  
what is malignant?   cancerous  
what is a biopsy?   removal and examination of a living tissue  
what is coagulate?   to change from a liquid to a thickened mass  
d   day  
D & C   dialation and curettage  
d/c   discontinue or discharge  
Dept.   department  
DHHS   department of health and human services  
DNR   do not resuscitate  
DOA   dead on arrival  
DOB   date of birth  
DON   director of nurses  
DPT   diphtheria, pertussis, tetnus  
drsg   dressing  
DT   delirium tremens  
dx   diagnosis  
EEG   electroencephalogram  
EKG   electrocardiogram  
ENT   ear nose throat  
EPA   environmentak protection agency  
ER   emergency room  
Ex or exam   examination  
Etoh   alcohol  
FBS   fasting blood sugar  
FC   foley catheter  
Fe   iron  
FF   force fluids  
fx   fracture  
GB   gallbladder  
GI   gastrointestinal  
gtts   drops  


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Created by: Destuhnee