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Chapert 15 combining forms, suffixes and prefixes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

calc/o , calci/o   calcium  
kyph/o   humpback  
lamin/o   lamina  
lord/o   curve  
lumb/o   loins  
myel/o   bone marrow  
orth/o   stright  
oste/o   bone  
scoli/o   crooked  
spondyl/o   vertebra  
vertebr/o   vertebra  
-blast   immature cell  
-clast   to break  
-listhesis   slipping  
-malacia   softening  
-physis   to grow  
-porosis   pore  
-tome   instrument to cut  
acetabul/o   acetabulum (hip socket)  
calcane/o   calcaneus (heel)  
carp/o   carpals (wrist bones)  
clavicul/o   clavicle (collar bone)  
cost/o   ribs  
crani/o   cranium (skulll)  
femor/o   femur (thigh bone)  
fibul/o   fibula (small lower leg bone)  
humer/o   humerus (upper arm bone)  
ili/o   ilium (upper part of pelvic bone)  
ischi/o   ischium (posterior part of pelvic bone)  
mallelo/o   malleolus (process on each side of an ankle)  
mandibul/o   mandible (lower jaw bone)  
maxill/o   maxilla (upper jaw bone)  
metacarp/o   metacarpals (hand bones)  
metatars/o   metatarsals (foot bones)  
olecran/o   olecranon (elbow)  
patell/o   patella (knee cap)  
pelv/i   pelvis (hip bone)  
perone/o   fibula  
phalang/o   phalanges (finger and/or toe bone)  
pub/o   pubis  
radi/o   radius (lower arm bone thumb side)  
scapul/o   scapula (shoulder blade)  
stern/o   sternum (breast bone)  
tars/o   tarsals (bones of the hindfoot)  
tibi/o   tibia (shin bone)  
uln/o   ulna (lower arm bone little finger side)  
ankyl/o   stiff  
arthr/o   joint  
articul/o   joint  
burs/o   bursa  
chondr/o   cartilage  
ligament/o   ligament  
rheumat/o   watery flow  
synov/o   synovial membrane  
ten/o   tendon  
tendin/o   tendon  
-desis   to bind  
-stenosis   narrowing  
fasci/o   fascia  
fibr/o   fibrous connective tissue  
leiomy/o   smooth muscle that lines the walls of the internal organs  
my/o   muscle  
myocardi/o   heart muscle  
myos/o   muscle  
plant/o   sole of the foot  
rhabdomy/o   skeletal muscle connected to bones  
-asthenia   lack of strength  
-trophy   development  
ab-   away from  
ad-   toward  
dorsi-   back  
poly-   many  


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Created by: lilbabydragon85