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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

1. Select all   Ctrl + A  
2. Save your work   Ctrl + S  
3. Make text bold   Ctrl + B  
4. Undo   Ctrl + Z  
5. Redo   Ctrl + Y  
6. Copy   Ctrl + C  
7. Paste   Ctrl + V  
8. Cut text to copy somewhere else   Ctrl + X  
9. Make the screen larger   Ctrl +  
10. Make the screen smaller   Ctrl -  
11. Take a screenshot   ( on Windows 10-Windows, shift, s) or PrtSc  
12. Make the @ symbol   Shift + 2  
13. Math problems   Can be entered directly into a google search.  
14. "Translate"   Translation App.  
15. Convert Units or Currency   "100 dollars to euros" or "1 tablespoon to oz"  
16. "Define"   Type before the word for a defintion  
17. "Timer" or "Stopwatch"   Type to launch a Timer or Stopwatch App  
18. Flight Number   Lookup flight information  
19. Goo.gl   Shorten long web addresses into more manageable length  
20. " Quotation marks"   Search for specific words  
21. "-"   Remove words from a search  
22. "Intitle"   Search only page titles  
23. "Or"   Search for two different keywords  
24. Filetype:ext   Search for a specific file type  
25. * asterisk   Use in place of missing/unknown words  


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Created by: Lydia Darce