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Chapter 9

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

architecture   building styles  
hub   center of activity  
barge   large boat with flat bottom  
freight   transported goods  
Benjamin Carson   a doctor who has helped children with brain injuries  
urbanization   shift of people from rural areas to cities  
meatpacking   companies prepare cattle from ranches for market  
Laura Inglalls Wilder   wrote about growing up on the frontier  
In about what year did many African Americans begin to migrate to cities in the Midwest?   1910  
Which state has the largest Arab American community in the US?   Michigan  
Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for his work in which field?   architechture  
Which part of the Plains states is mountainous?   the Ozark Plateau  
Which person is famous for painting the rural area of the Midwest?   Thomas Hart Benton  
How are farms different from 100 years ago?   They are larger  
Which is an industry that depends on the Midwest farms and ranches?   food processing  


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Created by: jeffersonkb