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SSCT Medical Terminology Web3 Chapters 7 & 8 & Abbreviations

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

cali/o   calyx (calix)  
cyst/o   urinary bladder  
glomerul/o   glomerulus  
meat/o   meatus  
nephr/o   kidney  
pyel/o   renal pelvis  
ren/o   kidney  
trigon/o   trigone (region of the bladder)  
ureter/o   ureter  
urethr/o   urethra  
vesic/o   urinary bladder  
albumin/o   albumin (a blood protein)  
azot/o   nitrogen  
bacteri/o   bacteria  
dips/o   thirst  
ket/o   ketone bodies (ketoacids and acetone)  
lith/o   stone  
noct/o   night  
olig/o   scanty  
-poietin   substance that forms  
py/o   pus  
-tripsy   to crush  
ur/o   urine  
urin/o   urine  
-uria   urination; urine condition  
amni/o   amnion  
cervic/o   cervix, neck  
chori/o   chorion  
chorion/o   chorion  
colp/o   vagina  
culd/o   cul-de-sac  
episi/o   vulva  
galact/o   milk  
gynec/o   woman, female  
hyster/o   uterus, womb  
lact/o   milk  
mamm/o   breast  
mast/o   breast  
men/o   menses, menstruation  
metr/o   uterus  
metri/o   uterus  
my/o   muscle, muscle tumor  
myom/o   muscle, muscle tumor  
nat/i   birth  
obstetr/o   pregnancy and childbirth  
o/o   egg  
oophor/o   ovary  
ov/o   egg  
ovari/o   ovary  
ovul/o   egg  
perine/o   perineum  
phor/o   to bear  
salping/o   fallopian tubes  
uter/o   uterus  
vagin/o   vagina  
vulv/o   vulva  
-arche   beginning  
-cysesis   pregnancy  
-gravida   pregnant  
-parous   bearing, bringing forth  
-rrhea   discharge  
-salpinx   uterine tube  
-tocia   labor, birth  
-version   act of turning  
dys-   painful  
endo-   within  
in-   in  
intra-   within  
multi-   many  
nulli-   no, not, none  
pre-   before  
primi-   first  
retro-   backward  


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Created by: dmdisme