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History of Medicine chapter 7

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What was the death rate for smallpox in the 17 century   1 out of three people die  
What did smAllpox survivors face   Blind, deaf, sores, pick marks, disfigured, never have smallpox again  
Why was the Milkmaid not afraid of catching small pox   she had cowpox  
Why did Mrs. Phipps want her son to be protected from. Smallpox   He was sickly and would die from smallpox  
When did dr. Jenner inoculate a boy   1796  
Where does vaccination come from   Vaca in Latin meaning cow  
How did he carry the smallpox serum   Goose quillS  
Why did the cartoonist draw cows scouting from people's bodys   It made fun of his inoculations  
What turned public opinion   A book, and the locals was Jamie healed  
How many Londoners were vaccinated   12000  
Is smallpox a dreaded disease today   No  
How do vaccinations wprk   The body becomes immune from weakened germs  


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Created by: GuineaPigwca