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NPTE Research & EBP

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Systematic review   primary studies are summarized, appraised, and statistically combined  
Randomized Controlled Trial   experimental study with random assignment with control group  
Cohort study   prospective study, group with condition followed for defined time, comparison made to group without condition  
Homogeneity   free of variations in the directions and degree of results between studies in SR  
Case control study   Restrospective, group with condition compared with group without condition to determine factors that may have played a role in the condition.  
Case report   only one individual studied in depth  
Level 1a Level of Evidence   SR with homogeneity of multiple RCTs, randomization, lg # of pts, multicenter, substantial agreement in size and direction of treatment effects  
Level 1b Level of Evidence   Individual RCT with narrow confidence level, treatment effects precisely defined  
Level 1c   All or none case series. In absence of RCT, overwhelming evidence of substantial tx effect  
Level 2a   SR with homogeneity of cohort studies  
Level 2b   Individual cohort study or low quality RCT (small N)  
Level 3a   SR with homogeneity of case-control studies  
Level 3b   Individual case control study  
Level 4   Case series and poor quality cohort and case control studies, largely descriptive  
Level 5   expert opinion, observations not made on pts  
CPG - clinical practice guideline   expert consensus, SR, meta analysis, assist practitioner for health care for specific clinical circumstances  


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Created by: Jenwithonen