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Islamic Civilization - People, Places, Ideas

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

oasis   a place in a desert where water can be found  
Bedouins   Arab nomads  
Muhammad   prophet of Islam  
Ka'aba   holy site where Muhammad destroyed idols  
Quran   holy book of Islam  
Sunnah   traditions (words & actions) of Muhammad  
Five Pillars   the basic committments each Muslim must fulfill  
Belief   declaration of faith  
Prayer   five times daily facing Mecca  
Fasting   go without food & drink from dusk to dawn  
Pilgrimage   Muslims make journey to Mecca at least once in lifetime  
Mosque   house of worship for Muslims  
Sharia   Islamic laws  
Caliph   leader of Islamic Empire after Muhammad's death  
Sunnis   minority Islamic sect  
Shi'as   majority Islamic sect  
sultan   leader of non-Arab Muslim statesU  
Umayyad   expanded empire from Spain to India - Syria  
Abbasid   ruled during Golden Age - Baghdad  
Ottoman   non-Arab ruled until 1923 - Turkey  
Savavid   non-Arab took over Persia - Iran  


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Created by: chambrook