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More Root Words for Suffixes section

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

amni/o   amnion (sac of fluid surrounding the fetus)  
angi/o   vessel  
arthr/o   joint  
arteri/o   artery  
ather/o   plaque (a yellow, fatty material)  
axill/o   armpit  
cholecyst/o   gallbladder  
chron/o   time  
cry/o   cold  
hyster/o   uterus  
inguin/o   groin  
ungu/o   nail  
isch/o   to hold back  
mast/o, mamm/o   breast  
men/o   menses (menstruation)  
myel/o   spinal cord or bone marrow  
my/o   muscle  
myc/o   pertaining to fungi  
necr/o   death  
oophor/o   ovary  
phleb/o   vein  
pneumon/o, pulmon/o   lung  
ren/o   kidney  
salping/o   fallopian tube  
tonsill/o   tonsil  
ur/o   urine or urea; urinary tract  
vascul/o   blood vessel  


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Created by: mmetzler