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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What four characteristics must all organisms have?   organization, growth, reproduction, response  
What is organization?   living things are organized with cells  
What is growth?   living things grow larger over time  
What is reproduction?   living things create offspring  
What is response?   living things react to their environment  
Organization Example =   The boy’s bone cells keep his bones healthy.  
Growth Example =   The plant grew two inches.  
Reproduction Example =   The mushroom reproduces using spores.  
Response Example =   The frightened cat ran up the tree to escape the dog.  
Why do organisms need energy?   to grow, move, and survive  
Are viruses alive?   No  
Explain why viruses are not alive.   Viruses do not have all four living characteristics.  
What is sexual reproduction?   two sets of DNA create an offspring  
What is unsexual reproduction?   an offspring is an exact copy of one parent  
Which type of reproduction leads to greater diversity?   Sexual reproduction leads to greater diversity.  
Why does sexual reproduction lead to greater diversity?   Sexual reproduction leads to greater diversity because two different sets of DNA are used to create an offspring.  


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Created by: Knights00