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French future tense and fitness

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Je vais   I am going to  
On va   We are going to  
On ne va pas   We are not going to  
Je ne vais pas   I am not going to  
Manger   to eat  
Faire   To do  
Boire   To drink  
Prendre   To take  
aller au college a velo   Go to school by bike  
Aller au college a pied   Go to school by foot  
Prendre des cours d'arts martiaux   Take a martial arts cours  
Faire trente minutes d'exercise par jours   Do 30 minutes of exercise per day  
Manger sain   Eat healthy  
Faire du sport regulierement   Do exercise regularly  
poisson   fish  
sucreries   sweet things  
des produits laitiers   dairy products  
de la viande   meat  
des chips   crisps  
fizzy drinks   des boissons gaseuses  
de l'eau   water  
du pain   bread  
des fruits   fruits  
du pain   bread  
sain   healthy  
pas sain   unhealthy  


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Created by: kbell37