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week 2 terms

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Continuity Of Care   the delivery of services provided to a person that proceeds without a lapse or interruption, with the intended purpose of maintaining a level of health and treatment  
Copayment   a specified amount the insured must pay toward the charge for professional services rendered at the time of services  
Deductible   an amount to be paid before insurance will pay  
Fee Schedule   a list of predetermined payment amounts for professional services provided to patients  
Accreditation   a process in which an education institution or program establishes credibility or legitimacy by complying with predetermined standards  
Capitation   the health care provider is paid a fixed amount per member per month for each patient who is a member of a particular insurance organization regardless of whether services were provided  
Fee of Service   payment for each service that is provided; individuals who choose to pay high premiums so that they have the flexibility to seek medical care from health care professionals of their choice  
Gatekeeper   one who regulates access to someone or something; in insurance, a primary care physician who coordinates the patients referral to specialists and hospital admissions  
ICD   International Classification of Disease  
HMO   Health Maintenance Organization  
HIPPA   Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act  
HCPCS   Health Common Procedural Coding System  
FECA   Federal Employment Compensation Act  
ERA   electronic remittance advice  
EOB   Explanation of Benefits  
EHR   Electronic Healthcare Records  
EFT   Electronic Funds Transfer  
IPA   Independent Provider Organization  
IPO   Integrated Provider Organization  


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Created by: priscilla.c