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First Form Latin Cumulative

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

amo   i love  
amas   you (s.) love  
amat   he, she, or it loves  
amamus   we love  
amatis   you (pl.) love  
amant   they love  
do   i give  
das   you (s.) give  
dat   he, she, or it gives  
damus   we give  
datis   you (pl.) give  
dant   they give  
lavo   i wash  
lavas   you (s.) wash  
lavat   he, she, or it washes  
lavamus   we wash  
lavatis   you (pl.) wash  
lavant   they wash  
nato   i swim  
natas   you (s.) swim  
natat   he, she, or it swims  
natamus   we swim  
natatis   you (pl.) swim  
natant   they swim  
oro   i speak/pray  
oras   you (s.) speak/pray  
orat   he,she, or it speaks/prays  
oramus   we speak/pray  
oratis   you (pl.) speak/pray  
orant   they speak/pray  
paro   i prepare  
paras   you (s.) prepare  
parat   he, she, or it prepares  
paramus   we prepare  
paratis   you (pl.) prepare  
parant   they prepare  
porto   I carry  
portas   you (s.) carry  
portat   he, she, or it carries  
potramus   we carry  
portatis   you (pl.) carry  
portant   they carry  
servo   i guard/keep  
servas   you (s.) guard/ keep  
servat   he, she, or it guards/keeps  
servamus   we guard/keep  
servatis   you (pl.) guard/keep  
servant   they guard/keep  
sto   i stand  
stas   you (s.) stand  
stat   he, she, or it stands  
stamus   we stand  
statis   you (pl.) stand  
stant   they stand  
voco   i call  
vocas   you (s.) call  
vocat   he, she, or it calls  
vocamus   we call  
vocatis   you (pl.) call  
vocant   they call  
aro   i plow  
aras   you (s.) plow  
arat   he,she, or it plows  
aramus   we plow  
aratis   you (pl,)  
arant   they plow  
clamo   i shout  
clamas   you (s.) shout  
clamat   he,she, or it shouts  
clamamus   we shout  
clamatis   you (pl.) shout  
clamant   they shout  
erro   i wander/err  
erras   you (s.) wander/err  
errat   he,she, or it wanders/errs  
erramus   we wander/err  
erratis   you (pl.) wander/err  
errant   they wander/err  
juvo   i help  
juvas   you (s.) help  
juvat   he, she , or it helps  
juvamus   we help  
juvatis   you (pl.) help  
juvant   they help  
laudo   i praise  
laudas   you (s.) praise  
laudat   he, she, it praises  
laudamus   we praise  
laudatis   you (pl.) praise  
laudant   they praise  
narro   i tell  
narras   you (s.) tell  
narrat   he, she, or it tells  
narramus   we tell  
narratis   you (pl.) tell  
narrant   they tell  
opto   i desire/wish  
optas   you (s.) desire/wish  
optat   he, she, or it desires/wishes  
optamus   we desire/wish  
optatis   you (pl.) desire/wish  
optant   they desire/wish  
pugno   i fight  
pugnas   you (s.) fight  
pugnat   he, she, or it fights  
pugnamus   we fight  
pugnatis   you (pl.) fight  
pugnant   they fight  
specto   i look at  
spectas   you (s.) look at  
spectat   he, she, or it looks at  
spectamus   we look at  
spectatis   you (pl.) look at  
spectant   they look at  
tempto   i tempt  
temptas   you (s.) tempt  
temptat   he, she, or it tempts  
temptamus   we tempt  
temptatis   you (pl.)  
tempant   they tempt  
ama-bam   i was loving  
ama-bas   you (s.) were loving  
ama-bat   he, she, or it was loving  
ama-bamus   we were loving  
ama-batis   you (pl.) were loving  
ama-bant   they were loving  
ama-bo   I will love  
ama-bis   you (s.) will love  
ama-bit   he, she, or it will love  
ama-bimus   we will love  
ama-bitis   you (pl.) will love  
ama-bunt   they will love  
adoro   I adore  
adoras   you (s.) adore  
adorat   he, she, or it adores  
adoramus   we adore  
adoratis   you (p.) adore  
adorant   they adore  
åmbulo   I walk  
åmbulas   you (s.) walk  
åmbulat   he, she, or it walks  
ámbulamus   we walk  
ámbulatis   you (pl.) walk  
åmbulant   they walk  
håbito   I live in / dwell  
hábitas   you (s.) live in/ dwell  
hábitat   he, she, or it lives in/ dwells  
hábitamus   we live in/ dwell  
hábitatis   you (pl.) live in/ dwell  
hábitant   they live in/ dwell  
júdico   I judge/consider  
júdicas   you (s.) judge/consider  
júdicat   he, she, or it judges/ considers  
júdicamus   we judge/consider  
júdicatis   you (pl.) judge/consider  
júdicant   they judge/consider  
laboro   I work  
laboras   you (s.) work  
laborat   he, she, or it works  
laboramus   we work  
laboratis   you (pl.) work  
laboraant   they work  
líbero   I set free  
líberas   you (s.) set free  
líberat   he, she, or it sets free  
líberamus   we set free  
líberatis   you (pl.) set free  
líberant   they set free  
návigo   I sail  
návigas   you (s.) sail  
návigat   he, she, or it sails  
návigamus   we sail  
návigatis   you (pl.) sail  
návigant   they sail  
óccupo   I seize  
óccupas   you (s.) seize  
óccupat   he, she, or it seizes  
óccupamus   we seize  
óccupatis   you (pl.) seize  
óccupant   they seize  
In umbrs, ígitur, pugnábimus.   Then, we will fight in the shade.  
saluto   I greet  
salutas   you greet  
salutat   he, she or it greets  
salutamus   we greet  
salutatis   you (pl.) greet  
salutant   they greet  
súpero   I overcome/surpass  
súperas   you (s.) overcome/surpass  
súparat   he, she, or it overcomes/ supasses  
súperamus   we overcome/ surpass  
súperatis   you (pl.) overcome/surpass  
súperant   they overcome/surpass  
amare   to love  
laudare   to praise  
superare   to overcome  
arrare   to plow  
errare   to err/wander  
sum   i am  
es   you are  
est   h,s,i is  
sumus   we are  
estis   you pl. are  
sunt   the are  
eram   i was  
eras   you were  
erat   h,s,i was  
eramus   we were  
eratis   you pl. were  
erant   they were  
ero   i will be  
eris   you will be  
erit   h,s,i will be  
erimus   we will be  
eritis   you pl. will be  
erunt   they will be  
amare   to love  
amavi   i loved  
amatus   loved  
stare   to stand  
steti   i loved  
status   loved  
lavare   to wash  
lavi   i washed  
lautus   washed  
dare   to give  
dedi   i gave  
datus   gave  
juvare   to help  
juvi   i helped  
jutus   helped  
cras   tomorrow  
heri   yesterday  
hodie   today  
non   not  
numquam   never  
nunc   noe  
saepe   often  
semper   always  
tum   then, at that time  
umquam   ever  
accuso   to accuse  
celo   to conceal  
dubito   to doubt  
muto   to change  
nego   to deny  
perturbo   to disturb  
puto   to think  
rogo   to ask  
spero   to hope  
volo   to fly  
appello   address  
creo   create  
culpo   blame  
delecto   delight  
demonsrto   show  
exploro   explore  
exspecto   wait for  
nuntio   report  
oppugno   attack  
vulnero   wound  
fu   be  
fui   i have been  
fuisti   you s. have been  
fuit   h,s,i, has been  
fuimus   we have been  
fuistis   you pl, have been  
fuerunt   we have been  
fueram   i had been  
fueras   you s. had been  
fuerat   h,s,i had been  
fueramus   we had been  
fueratis   you pl. had been  
fuerant   they had been  
fuero   i will have been  
fueris   you s. will have been  
fuerit   h,s,i will have been  
fuerimus   we will have been  
fueritis   you pl. will have been  
fuerint   they will have been  
Roma Aeterna   Eternal Rome  
Italia   Italy  
Maria   Mary  
mensa   table  
nauta   sailor  
poeta   poet  
puella   girl  
regina   queen  
Roma   Rome  
terra   Earth/land  
angus   lamb  
amicus   friend  
Christus   Christ  
deus   god  
Deus   God  
dominus   lord/master  
equus   horse  
filius   son  
mundus   world/mankind  
servus   servant  
Dominus   Lord  
bellum   war  
caelum   sky/heaven  
debitum   debt/sin  
donum   gift  
forum   forum/marketplace  
oppidum   town  
regnum   kingdom  
saxum   rock  
templum   temple  
verbum   word  
aeternus   eternal  
altus   high/deep  
bonus   good  
latus   wide/broad  
magnus   great/large  
malus   bad  
multus   much/many  
novus   new  
parvus   small  
sactus   sacred/holy  
unus   one  
una   one  
unum   one  
duo   two  
tres   three  
quattor   four  
quinque   five  
sex   six  
septem   seven  
octo   eight  
novem   nine  
decem   ten  
primus   first  
secundus   second  
tertius   third  
quartus   fourth  
quintus   fifth  
sextus   sixth  
septimus   seventh  
octavus   eighth  
nonus   ninth  
decimus   tenth  


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