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Open/closed pack positions of joints - (PTA - irongirl)

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Open Pack Position
Closed Pack Position
Temporomandibular   Mouth slightly open   Clenched Teeth  
Glenohumeral   55 degrees abduction, 30 degrees Horizontal Adduction   Abduction w/lateral rotation  
Acromioclavicular   Arm resting by side   Arm abducted to 90 degrees  
Ulnohumeral (elbow)   70 degrees of flexion, 10 degrees supination   Extension  
Radiohumeral   Full extension, full supination   Elbow flexed 90 degrees, forearm supinated 5 degrees  
Proximal radioulnar   70 degrees flexion, 35 degrees supination   5 degrees supination  
Distal Radioulnar   10 degrees supination   5 degrees supination  
Radiocarpal (wrist)   Neutral w/slight ulnar deviation   Extension w/radial deviation  
Carpometacarpal   Midway b/w abd-add & flex/ext.    
Metacarpophalangeal   slight flexion   Fingers = Full flexion  
Interphalangeal   slight flexion   Full Extension  
Hip   30 degrees, 30 degrees abd. slight lateral rotation   Full Extension, medial rotation  
Knee   25 degrees of flexion   Full Extension, lateral rotation of tibia  
Talocrural (ankle)   10 degrees PF, midway b/w max inversion/eversion   Max DF  
Subtalar   Midway b/w extreme ROM   Supination  
Midtarsal   Midway b/w extreme ROM   Supination  
Tarsometatarsal   Midway b/w extreme ROM   Supination  
Sternoclavicular     Maxium shoulder elevation  
Metatarsophalangeal   Neutral   Full Extension  
Interphalangeal   Slight Flexion   Full Extension  
Facet (spine)   Midway b/w flexion & extension   Extension  


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Created by: irongirl