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Muscles of facial expressions

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Occipito frontalis   Suprise Look, Forehead - Raises eyebrows.wrinkles on forehead  
Corrugator   Frowning expression in between eyebrows.draws eyebrows togther  
Orbicularis oculi   Winking and closeses eyelids  
Risorious   Smiling. found on corners of mouth. draws mouth corners outwards  
Buccinator   blowing.inside cheeks,compresses cheeks  
Zygomaticus major & minor   Laughing. Lifts corners of mouth  
Procerus   distaste expression. Location bridge of nose. causes wrinkles on nose  
Nasalis   Anger expression. covers front of nose. opens and closes nasal openings  
Depressor labii   sulking expression.surrounds lower lip,draws lip down  
Orbicularis oris   Pout/kiss, mouth area. purses lip also closes mouth  
Triangularis   sad expression. corner of lower lip extends over chin, draws down mouth corners  
Mentalis   doubt expression. covers front of chin,raises lower lip causing chin to wrinkle  
Platysma   Fear expression. sides of neck and chin,draws mouth corners down & up  
Trapezius   On the back - pulls head back  
Deltoid   Lifts arm up  
Pectoralis   chest  
masseter   chew  
sterno-cleido mastiod mastiod   rotates head  


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Created by: fatz