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Medical Terminology Chapter 12

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

alges/o   sense of pain  
astr/o   star  
centr/o   center  
cerebell/o   cerebellum  
cerebr/o   cerebrum  
clon/o   rapid contracting and relaxing  
concuss/o   to shake violently  
dur/o   dura mater  
encephal/o   brain  
esthesi/o   sensation, feeling  
gli/o   glue  
medull/o   medulla oblongata  
mening/o   meninges  
meningi/o   meninges  
ment/o   mind  
myel/o   spinal cord  
neur/o   nerve  
peripher/o   away from center  
poli/o   gray matter  
pont/o   pons  
radicul/o   nerve root  
thalam/o   thalamus  
thec/o   sheath (meninges)  
tom/o   to cut  
ton/o   tone  
ventricul/o   ventricle  
angi/o   vessel  
arteri/o   artery  
cephal/o   head  
crani/o   skull  
cyt/o   cell  
electr/o   electricity  
hemat/o   blood  
hem/o   blood  
hydr/o   water  
isch/o   to hold back  
later/o   side  
lumb/o   low back  
my/o   muscle  
scler/o   hard  
spin/o   spine  
vascul/o   blood vessel  
vertebr/o   vertebra  
-paresis   weakness  
-phasia   speech  
-taxia   muscle coordination  
-al   pertaining to  
-algia   pain  
-ar   pertaining to  
-ary   pertaining to  
-asthenia   weakness  
-cele   protrusion  
-eal   pertaining to  
-ectomy   surgical removal  
-gram   record  
-graphy   process of recording  
-ia   condition, state  
-ic   pertaining to  
-ine   pertaining to  
-ion   action  
-itis   inflammation  
-logy   study of  
-nic   pertaining to  
-oma   tumor, mass  
-osis   abnormal condition  
-otomy   cutting into  
-pathy   disease  
-plasty   surgical repair  
-plegia   paralysis  
-rrhaphy   suture  
-tic   pertaining to  
-trophic   pertaining to development  
a-   without  
an-   without  
anti-   against  
bi-   two  
de-   without  
dys-   abnormal, difficult  
endo-   within  
epi-   above  
hemi-   half  
hyper-   excessive  
intra-   within  
mono-   one  
para-   abnormal, two like parts of a pair  
poly-   many  
quadri-   four  
semi-   partial  
sub-   under  
un-   not  


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Created by: austyn.autumn