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WVSOM -- Gross Anatomy -- Infratemporal Fossa and Submandibular Triangle

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

How is the mandible connected to the temporal bone?   TMJ  
What two ligaments connect teh skull and mandible   Lateral TMJ ligament, stylomandibular and sphenomandibular ligaments  
What ligament connects the hyoid and styloid process of the temporal bone?   stylohyoid ligament  
What does V3 innervate for motor action besides the muscles of mastication?   mylohyoid, anterior body of digastric, tensor veli palatini and tensor tympani muscles  
How do parasympathetic signals from the facial and glossopharyngeal nerves get to glandular targets?   piggy back on fibers of V3  
How do parasympathtetics from the glossopharyngeal nerve leave CNIX?   lesser petrosal nerve  
Where does the lesser petrosal nerve synapse?   otic ganglion  
Where is the otic ganglion?   medial surface of the mandibular nerve  
How do post synaptic parasympathetics get to teh parotid gland?   auriculotemporal nerve  
What are the sensory branches of V3?   dural branch of V3, auriculotemporal nerve, lingual nerve, inferior alveolar nerve adn the bucal nerve  
What are the muscles of teh submandibular triangle?   mylohyoid, anterior belly of teh digrastric, geniohyoid  
What innervates mylohyoid and anterior belly of digastric?   v3  
What innervates geniohyoid   c1  
What is the action of mylohyoid   pulls the hyoid bone anteriorly  
What is the action of the anterior belly of teh dygastric?   elevates teh hyoid bone adn opens the mouth  
What is the action of the geniohyoid?   pulls the hyoid anteriorly  
What is the action of the posterior belly of teh digastric?   elevates the hyoid bone and opens teh mouth  
What innervates the posterior belly of the digastric?   VII  
What is the action of stylohyoid?   elevates the hyoid bone  
What innervates sylohyoid?   VII  
What glands are in the submandibular triangle?   submandibular and sublingual  
What innervates the sublingual and submandibular gland?   facial neve via the chorda tympani and post synaptic fibers from teh submandibular ganglion  
How do parasympathetics get to the sublingual and submandibular gland?   parasympathetics from facial never leave CN VII as chorda tympani and follow lingual nerve to synaps in submand ganglion. post-synaptic then travel via lingual nerve  
Where do sublingual glands have small openings?   lingual fold  
Where do submandibular gland have openings   just one large opening at the sublingual caruncle  
Where does the parotid duct empty?   near 2nd upper molar  
How is the palatine tonsil sandwiched?   palatoglassal and palatopharyngeal folds  
What are the muscles of the tongue?   palatoglossus, genioglossus, hyoglossus, styloglossus and the intrinsic muscles of the tongue  
What is the function of the palatoglossus muscle?   elevates teh tongue and depresses the palate  
What is the function of the genioglossus muscle?   depresses the tongue  
What is the function of teh styloglossus?   elevates the tongue  
What is the function of the intrinsic muscles   oriented in many different directions and perform "acrobatic maneuvers"  
What is the innervation for palatoglossus?   Vagus  
How is the tongue supplied blood?   lingual artery and drained by the lingual vein  
what bones and landmarks make up the infratemporal fossa?   temporal bone, lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone, pterion, pterygomaxillary fissure and sphenopalatine foramen  


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Created by: tjamrose