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UIL Art Smart paintings/artists

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

The Annunciation   van Eyck  
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist, Saint Bartholomew, and Four Angels   Sano  
Portrait of Lorenzo di Credi   Perugino  
Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos   Titian  
The Adoration of the Magi   Bassano  
"Titian's Schoolmaster"   Moroni  
Still Life with Peacock Pie   Claesz  
The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs   La Tour  
Portrait of Don Pedro de Barberana   Velazquez  
The Sacrament of Ordination (Christ Presenting the Keys to Saint Peter)   Poussin  
Queen Berenice of Egypt   Strozzi  
View of Dordrecht from the Dordtse Kil   van Goyen  
A Farrier's Shop   Potter  
A Hanging Bouquet of Flowers   Mignon  
View Down a Dutch Canal   van der Heyden  
Painting   Carriera  
The Lavie Children   Zoffany  
Portrait of Francisco Sabatini   Goya  
Seashore with Fishermen   Gainsborough  
Self-Portrait with Angelica and Portrait of Rachel   Peale  
The Anger of Achilles   David  
Still Life with Fruit and Nuts   Duncanson  
Cotopaxi   Church  
The Toilers of the Sea   Manet  
The Banks of the Oise   Sisley  
Nanny and Child   Gonzales  
Can You Break a Five?   Haberle  
Young Woman Powdering Herself   Seurat  
Green Wheat Fields, Auvers   van Gogh  
Portrait of the Artist with the Idol   Gauguin  
The Old Stage-Coach of the Plains   Remington  
Moonrise: Soldier and Maiden   Kirchner  
The Regatta at Antwerp   Friesz  
Figure   Schamberg  
Winter Camp of the Sioux   Dunton  
Dream Village   Chagall  
Romance   Benton  
Row Boat   Frary  
Urban Nocturne   Morang  
Synecdoche   Kim  


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Created by: nbaker