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Mode 3 White

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

al   pertaining to  
-algia   pain  
-arche   beginning  
-ary   pertaining to  
-cele   hernia, swelling  
-centesis   surgical puncture  
-ception   conceiving  
-cide   killing  
-cision   a cutting  
-cleisis   closure  
-continence   to hold back  
-cyesis   pregnancy  
-ectasis   dilation, expansion  
-extomy   excision, removal  
-emia   blood condition  
-gen   forming, producing  
-genisis   forming, producing  
-grade   to go  
-gram   record, writing  
-gravida   pregnant woman  
-ia   condition  
-iasis   abnormal condition  
-ic   pertaining to  
-ician   specialist  
-icterus   jaundice  
-ism   condition  
-itis   inflamation  
-ization   process(of)  
-lith   stone or calculus  
-logist   study of  
-lysis   separation, destruction loosening  
-megaly   enlargment  
-oid   resembling  
-oma   tumor  
-osis   abnormal conditioning;increase of blood cells  
-para   to bear (offspring)  
-pathy   disease  
-plexy   fixation of an organ  
-plasty   surgical repair  
-poiesis   formation or production  
-potence   power  
-ptosis   downward displacement: prolaspe  
-rrhagia   bursting forth(of)  
-rrhage   bursting forth(of)  
-rrhapy   suture  
-rrhea   discharge, flow  
-rrhexis   rupture  
-salpinx   tube (usually the fallopian or eustachian(ear) tube)  
-shisi   a splitting  
-scope   instrument used for examining  
-scopy   visual examination  
-spadias   slit, fissure  
-stenosis   narrowing, stricture  
-therapy   treatment  
-tocia   childbirth labour  
-tomy   incision  
-tripsy   crushing  
-uria   urine  
-version   turning  


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Created by: christinamcrae