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Quiz Bowl Practice Notes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Cured Yellow Fever, a hospital in Washington D.C. is named after him   Stephen Reed  
First to use liquid-propelled rocket engines   Robert Goddard  
Wrote the book, Billy Budd   Herman Melville  
Wrote the opera, Billy Budd   Benjamin Britain  
Scientific Effect that was discovered by shining blue light through water   Charenkov Effect  
Wrote Laws of Planetary Motion   Keppler  
This law states that the temperature varies inversely to pressure   Boyle's Law  
The most decorated soldier of WWII, this General from Tennessee captured German soldiers in Aragon Forrest   Sgt. York  
Climbed Mt. Everest with Edmund Hillary   Norgay  
A short-lived nation within Nigeria   Biafra  
Country formerly known as Upper Volta   Burkhina Faso  
Generic name for a German prison camp (during WWII)   Stallog  
Her pen name was George Elliot   Mary Anne Evans  
Governor of Texas, Governor of Tennessee, President of Texas   Sam Houston  
Second President of Texas   Lamar  
First President of Hawaii   Dole  
Wrote The Tales of Hoffman (music)   Offenbach  
Opera by Verdi, Celebrated the opening of the Suez Canal, Set in Egypt   Aida  
Lost Incan secret city   Vilca Pampa  
Wrote The Fairy Queen   Spencer  
Famous Milan opera house   Lascala  
The last Bourbon King of France   Charles X  
King who replaced Bourbon dynasty with Bourbon-Orleans House   Louis-Phillipe  
The (French) Revolution of 1848 put him into power in the Second Republic of France, but he later declared himself Emperor   Napolean III (Louis Napolean)  
The longest river in Australia   The Murray River  
Henry Luce founded it in the 1920s   TIME Magazine  
Playwright, Ambassador, Married to the founder of TIME Magazine   Claire Booth Luce  
Founded The Saturday Evening Post   Benjamin Franklin  
Oliver Wendell Holmes edited this magazine   Atlantic Monthly  
The North American Revue was popular after this war   War of 1812  
This act established silver currency in the U.S.   Bland-Allison Act  
Wrote Vanity Fair   William Makepease Thackeray  
Wrote the song Kiss Me Kate   Cole Porter  
Wrote Carnival of the Animals (music)   Saint Saens  
Tribe that sacked Rome in 477   The Vandals  
Wrote Remembrance of Things Passed   Proust  
This character in To Kill a Mockingbird is based on Truman Kapote   Dill  
French painter, forerunner of Cubism   Cezanne  
Painted French peasants   Milet  
Painted ballerinas   De Gas  
Religion founded in 97 B.C.   Taoism  
A poem at a funeral   Requiem  
Wrote Sturmond Drang or "Storm and Stress"   Goethe  
Christopher Sly is most associated with this play   Taming of the Shrew  
Talked of wholeness in psychology   Guschtalt  
Believed in developmental stages of psychology   Piage  
Born in Archery, GA   Jimmy Carter  
Lived in Shottery Cottage   Ann Hathaway  
Lived in Chalton Cottage   Jane Austen  
Jane Austen died in this English city   Winchester  
Wrote The Moon and Sixpence, based on the life of Gaugin   W. Somerset Maugham  
Wrote The Book of Nonsense   Leer  
There are 88 of these that are officially recognized   Constellations  
Known as the "Dog Philosophers"   Cinnics  
Isotope of Hydrogen, has two neutrons   Tridium  
Associated with the Age of Bronze   Rodin  
Calvin Coolidge's Vice President   Dawes  
This religion was founded by Mother Anne Lee   Shakers  
This planet was discovered in 1846   Neptune  
New Connecticut is the former name of this state   Vermont  
Autobiographical novel by Sylvia Plath, Protagonist is Esther Greenwood   The Bell Jar  
Associated with the Cathedral Series (art)   Monet  
German composer, Biblical-based music   Mendelson  
Phylum containing the most species   Insecta  
Wrote Songs of Innocence   William Blake  
Presidential Policy was New Federalism   Richard Nixon  
Presidential Policy was the Good Neighbor (Policy)   FDR  
Presidential Policy was Great Society   LBJ  
Presidential Policy was the New Frontier   JFK  
Presidential Policy was Dollar Diplomacy   William Howard Taft  
Presidential Policy was the New Covenant   Bill Clinton  
Presidential Policy was the Square Deal   Theodore Roosevelt  
Presidential Policy was the New Deal   FDR  
Presidential Policy was the Fair Deal   Harry S Truman  
His policy was New Nationalism   Theodore Roosevelt  
His policy was New Freedom   Wilson  
The second largest French-speaking city in the world   Montreal  
Wrote The Pigman   Paul Zindel  
The Zoo Story and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe are both works by him   Edward Albee  
Pollegra is a vitamin difficiency cured by this   niasin  
Major Duncan Edwards appears in this work   The Last of the Mohicans  
It was fought on March 6, 1836   The Alamo  
He was Texas's commander at the Alamo   Travis  
Abraham Lincoln's lost love and charcter in Spoon River Anthology   Anne Rutledge  
This group protested U.S. involvement in WWII   America First  
This was an artshow in 1913   The Armory Show  
Spring and Fall is a poem by this man   Gerard Manley Hopkins  
The School of Local Color is associated with this writer   Sarah Orn Jewit  
He painted Night Hawks and Gas   Edward Hopper  
It is the term for a dead Christ in the lap of Mary   Pieta  
He had a very famous pieta painting before doing more notable works   Michelangelo  
Stanum is Latin for this element   Tin  
Plumbum is Latin for this element   Lead  
Kalium is Latin for this element   Potassium  
Arum is Latin for this element   Gold  
Woolfrom is Polish for this element   Tungsten  
Charles Darwin was oceanographer on this vessel   HMS Beagle  
R.M.S (like the Titanic) stands for this   Royal Mail Steamer  
Hippolita was Queen of this group   the Amazons  
He developed the Iron Law of Wages   Ricardo  
He developed objectivism   Rand  
Dashiell Hammett had a love affair with this woman   Lillian Hellmann  
He is buried next to Beethoven   Schubert  
La Boheme is by this man   Puccini  
Pinkerton is a charcter from what work   Madame Butterfly  
Pinkerton is a nickname for what profession   Private Investigator  
Tender Is the Night is a novel by this man   F. Scott Fitzgerald  
Arms and the Man is a play by him   George Bernard Shaw  
El Greco was born on this island   Crete  
The Gugenheim is located in this city   Bilbao  
This Halogen is poisonous at room temperature   Chlorine  
This was the first gas isolated from Nitrogen   Argon  
Sir Thomas Moore wrote this novel about a perfect island   Utopia  
He wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France   Burke  
The Open Boat is a short story by this man   Stephen Crane  
She wrote Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates   Mary Mapes Dodge  
He developed the Law of Partial Pressures   Dalton  
He founded Utilitarianism   Bentham  
Victory and Typhoon are by this author   Joseph Conrad  
He wrote Winesburg, Ohio   Sherwood Anderson  
He wrote stories about the Glass Family   J.D. Salinger  
Wrote Twice Old Tales and Dr. Heidegger's Experiment   Nathaniel Hawthorne  
Wrote a collection of short stories called The Three Million   O'Henry  
Located in Canada, it's the fifth largest island in the world   Baffin Island  
It's the only U.S. city named after a British Prime Minister   Pittsburg  
Winston Churchill made this famous speech in Fulton Missouri at Westminster College   The Iron Curtain Speech  
This state was admitted as part of the Compromise of 1850   California  
He was the first Republican candidate for President   Fremont  
He wrote an American Tragedy   Theodore Dreiser  
He flew in the Freedom 7 rocket   Alan Shephard  
He flew in the Friendship 7 rocket   John Glenn  
The first spacewalks took place during this set of missions   Gemini  
He wrote Rutabaga Stories and many more better known works   Carl Sandburg  
Wrote Travels with Charley and many better known works   John Steinbeck  
Born in Pittsburg, she was one of the most popular mystery writers in America   Reinhart  
The Loop of Henley is located in this organ   kidneys  
This woman was Ronald Reagan's UN Ambassador   Gene Kirkpatrick  
This President was born in Illinois and attended Eureka College   Ronald Reagan  
The upcoming G8 Summit will be held at the Cloister Hotel on this ritzy Georgia island   Sea Island  
This says that the Supreme Court has the right to choose its cases   Writ of Satiorary  
This says that prisoners have the right to know what they have been arrested for   Writ of Habeas Corpus  


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