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Understanding Credit Cards

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

annual fee   yearly credit card fee  
annual percentage rate (APR)   cost of credit as a yearly interest rate  
balance transfers   transferring debt from one credit card account to another  
credit card   plastic card; allows accessibility to a credit line that has already been established  
credit limit   max. $ amount borrowable  
introductory rate   APR charged during credit card's intro. period after a card account is opened  
late payment fee   fee when cardholder doesn't make the min. monthly payment  
over-the-limit fee   fee when card account balance surpasses set limit  
penalty APR   interest rate charged on new transactions if the penalty terms in the credit card contract are triggered  
pre-approved   one has passed an initial credit history check  
return payment fee   fee if cardholder makes a payment but doesn't have enough $ in the account to cover the payment  
Schumer box   terms and fees of a credit card in a chart on all credit applications and solicitations  
variable-rate APR   APR may change depending on other factors  


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Created by: Tate.cord70