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Orange Module Abbreviations-Pharmacy

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

AD lib / ad lib   as needed by the client  
bid / b.i.d.   twice daily  
c (dash above)   with  
cap   capsule  
dr.   dram  
fl. dr.   fluid dram  
fl. oz   fluid ounce  
gr.   grain  
gtt   drop  
hs   bedtime  
hs prn   as required at bedtime  
IM   intramuscular  
IV   intravenously  
lb.   pound  
min.   minim  
od   daily  
oz.   ounce  
po   by mouth  
prn   as necessary, as required  
pt.   pint  
q_h   every __ hours  
qd / od   every day  
qhs   every bedtime  
qid   four times daily  
qs   quantity sufficient  
qt.   quart  
s/c   subcutaneous  
sc.   scruple  
SL   sublingual  
stat   immediately  
tab   tablet  
tid   three times daily  


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Created by: Barbara Ross