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Stack #164909

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is the only country in Asia where Catholicism is the majority religion   The Phillipines  
What modern empire controlled Central Asia for most of the 20th century   Soviet Union  
China is the world's most populous country, having a population of   Over 1 billion  
Some countries on the Indian subcontinent   Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan  
The Amu Darya and the Syr Darya are the two principal rivers of   Central Asia  
What is the earth's largest and highest mountain range   Himalayas  
What Island provided refuge for the Chinese Nationalists after the Chinese civil war   Taiwan  
Muslims regard what two cities as holy   Mecca and Medina  
What area is called the "Crossroads of the Ancient World"   Middle East  
What man made body of water seperates Asia from Africa   Suez Canal  
What two mountain ranges divide Europe from Asia   Ural and Caucasus  
When was the modern state of Israel creates   1948  
What is the world's largest fortification   Great Wall of China  
Where is the lowest point on land   Dead Sea  
The militant oranization that uses terrorism   Palestine Liberation Organization  
Honshu   Japan's largest island  
Arabs and Jews are descedants of   Abraham  
What provides the major source of income for the middle east   Oil  
The highest point in Japan   Mt. Fuji  
The island of Borneo contains   Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia  
Thailand means   "Land of the free"  
The world's highest point is   Mt. Everest  
China's two important rivers   Huang He and Chang Jiang  
India's main religion   Hinduism (believe in reincanation)  


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Created by: Snyderpartyof7