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OU Wheelock 37-40 Verbs

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

exeo   exire   exii   exitum   to go out, exit  
ineo   inire   inii   initum   to go in, enter  
obeo   obire   obii   oblitum   to go up against, meet  
pereo   perire   perii   peritum   to pass away, perish  
redeo   redire   redii   reditum   to go back, return  
interficio   interficere   interfeci   interfectum   to kill murder  
licet   licere   licuit   xxx   it is permitted, one may  
preegrinor   peregrinari   xxx   peregrinatus sum   to travel abroad, wander  
requiesco   requiescere   requievi   requietum   to rest  
soleo   solere   xxx   solitus sum   to be accustomed  
impedio   impedire   impedivi   impeditum   to impede, hinder, prevent  
metuo   metuere   metui   xxx   to fear, dread  
queror   queri   xxx   questus sum   to complain, lament  
recognosco   recognoscere   recognovi   recognitum   to recognize, recollect  
suspendo   suspendere   suspendi   suspensum   to hang up, suspend, interrupt  
vendo   vendere   vendidi   venditum   to sell  
ambulo   ambulare   ambulavi   ambulatum   to walk  
experior   experiri   xxxx   expertus sum   to try, test, experience  
libo   libare   libavi   libatum   to pour a libation of  
oportet   oportere   oportuit   xxx   it is proper, right necessary  
oppugno   oppugnare   oppugnavi   oppugnatum   to fight against, attack  
orno   ornare   ornavi   ornatum   to equip, furnish, adorn  
pernocto   pernoctare   pernoctavi   pernoctatum   to spend the night  
transeo   transire   transii   transitum   to go across, cross  
explico   explicare   explicavi   explicatum   to unfold, explain, spread out  
fatigo   fatigare   fatigavi   fatigatum   to weary, tire out  
for   fari   xxx   fatus sum   to speak (prophetically), talk, foretell  
opinor   opinari   xxx   opinatus sum   to suppose  
reperio   reperire   repperi   repertum   to find, discover, learn, get  
vereor   vereri   xxx   vertus sum   to show reverence for, respect for, be afraid of  
eo   ire   ii   itum   to go  
abeo   abire   abii   abitum   to go away  
adeo   adire   adii   aditum   to go to, approach  


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Created by: darindavis