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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

soleus O   posterior tibia & fibula  
soleus I   posterior calcaneus  
soleus A   ankle plantar flexion  
soleus N   tibial nerve S1, S2  
plantaris O   posterior lateral condyle of femur  
plantaris I   posterior calcaneus  
plantaris A   very weak assist in knee flex & ankle plantar flex  
plantaris N   tibial nerve L4, L5, S1  
tibialis posterior O   interosseous membrane, adjacent tibia & fibula  
tibialis posterior I   navicular & most tarsals & metatarsals  
tibialis posterior A   ankle inversion: assists in plantar flexion  
tibialis posterior N   tibial nerve L5, S1  
flexor hallucis longus O   posterior fibula & interosseous membrane  
flexor hallucis longus I   distal phalanx of the great toe  
flexor hallucis longus A   flexes great toe; assists in inversion & plantar flex of the ankle  
flexor hallucis longus N   tibial nerve L5, S1, S2  
flexor digitorum longus O   posterior tibia  
flexor digitorum longus I   distal phalanx of four lesser toes  
flexor digitorum longus A   flexes the four lesser toes; assists in ankle inversion & plantar flexion of the ankle  
flexor digitorum longus N   tibial nerve L5, S1  
extensor hallucis longus O   fibula & interosseous membrane  
extensor hallucis longus I   distal phalanx of great toe  
extensor hallucis longus A   extends 1st toe; assists in ankle inversion & dorsiflexion  
extensor hallucis longus N   deep peroneal nerve L4, L5, S1  
extensor digitorum longus O   fibula, interosseous membrane, tibia  
extensor digitorum longus I   distal phalanx of 4 lesser toes  
extensor digitorum longus A   extends 4 lesser toes, assists in ankle dorsiflexion  
extensor digitorum longus N   deep peroneal nerve L4, L5, S1  
peroneus brevis O   lateral distal fibula  
peroneus brevis I   base of 5th metatarsal  
peroneus brevis A   ankle eversion; assists in plantar flexion  
peroneus brevis N   superficial peroneal nerve L4, L5, S1  
peroneus tertius O   distal medial fibula  
peroneus tertius I   base of fifth metatarsal  
peroneus tertius A   asssists somewhat in ankle eversion & dorsiflexion  
peroneus tertius N   deep peroneal nerve L4, L5, S1  
diaphragm O   xiphoid process, ribs, lumbar vertebrae  
diaphragm I   central tendon  
diaphragm A   inspiration  
diaphragm N   phrenic nerve  
external intercostal O   rib above  
external intercostal I   rib below  
external intercostal A   elevate ribs  
external intercostal N   intercostal nerve T2-T6  
internal intercostal O   rib below  
internal intercostal I   rib above  
internal intercostal A   depress ribs  
internal intercostal N   intercostal nerve T2-T6  


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