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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

air pressure   the weight of air when it presses down on earths surface  
atmosphere   the layers of air that surround earths surface  
weather   the conditions of the atmosphere at a certain place and time  
climate   the average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time  
thermometer   measures temperature  
rain gauge   measures amount of rain fall  
barometer   measures air pressure  
condensation   the change of a state from a gas to a liquid  
evaporation   the change of a state from a liquid to a gas  
precipitation   any form of water that falls from clouds to earths surface  
water cycle   the movement of water into the air as water vapor and back to earths surface as precipitation  
wind vane   direction wind is moving  
anemometer   measures wind speed  
hail   frozen balls of water from a cumulonimbus cloud  
sleet   ice pellets created by freezing of rain as it falls to Earth  
snow   freezing of water vapor in the air  
front   the place where two air masses meet  
example of a solid   ice, snow  
example of a liquid   water, rain  
example of a gas   steam, clouds  
Freezing point in degrees celsius   0  
Boiling point in degrees celsius   100  
Freezing point in degrees fahrenheit   32  
Boiling point in degrees fahrenheit   212  
the temperature in FRONT of a cold front is   usually warmer and turns cooler after the front passes through  
the temperature in FRONT of a warm front is   usually colder and turns warmer after the front passes through  
Describe Cirrus clouds and the weather they bring   Cirrus clouds a light and wispy and bring fair weather  
Describe Cumulus clouds and the weather they bring   Cumulus clouds are low, fluffy clouds that bring fair weather  
Describe Stratus clouds and the weather they bring   Stratus clouds are low, gray, blanketing clouds that bring steady rain  
Describe Cumulonimbus clouds and the weather they bring   Cumulonimbus clouds are high in the sky, puffy and bring Thunderstorms  


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Created by: ctabor