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FITT Formula

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Type of activity
Cardiovascular Fitness   3-5   60-90% max heart rate. 40-60% for beginners.   Min. 10 Min per segment., progress to min. of 30 min.   Whole body activities using large muscle groups that can be maintained continuously & are aerobic in nature.  
Muscular strength   2-4   High resistance - 75% to max. Low reps. Can use sets (2-3)   Until muscular fatigue is achieved. Long as req. to complete session.   Muscular work involving any of the following: Isontonic, Isometric, Isokinetic.  
Muscular endurance   2-4   Low to moderate resistance. High reps (10-20). Can use sets (3)   Session should progress to contain 8-10 exercises for major muscle groups.   Emphasis on isotonic or isokinetic contractions, or isometric holds.  
Flexibility   3-7   Until mild tension is felt, only after warmed up.   10-60 sec. for each stretch. One stretch per muscle grp.   Static, Dynamic, PNF  
Body Composition   Cardio 4-6 Weight training twice   60-90% max heart rate. 40-60% for beginners. Muscular conditioning progam (10-12 reps. 1-3 sets)   Cardio 30-45+ min. Last rep should go to fatigue.   Cardiovascular, Muscle strength and endurance.  


Review the information in the table. When you are ready to quiz yourself you can hide individual columns or the entire table. Then you can click on the empty cells to reveal the answer. Try to recall what will be displayed before clicking the empty cell.
To hide a column, click on the column name.
To hide the entire table, click on the "Hide All" button.
You may also shuffle the rows of the table by clicking on the "Shuffle" button.
Or sort by any of the columns using the down arrow next to any column heading.
If you know all the data on any row, you can temporarily remove it by tapping the trash can to the right of the row.

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Created by: LisaSceviour
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