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soft tissue injuries

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

method of reducing soft tissue injuries   warming up well - 10 ~ 15 minutes  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   correct equipment and gear for the sport  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   observe/check the playing area for hazards ~ stones, glass, sticks  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   playing by the rules  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   overtraining  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   warming down  
method of reducing soft tissue injuries   hydration  
muscle tears and strains   this is the process where muscle fibres are stretched or torn apart. This usually occurs in the belly of the muscle and takes a long time to heal . tears usually require surgery  
concussion   concussion occurs when there is a blow or knock to the head. it is a a form of brain injury . where the patient may feel dizzy, nausea and disorientation. Need to be very careful about returning to play as can cause very serious long term brain injuries.  
bruising   bruises result from impact type injuries resulting in internal bleeding and swelling. after a number of hours the bruise may appear a plum or blue colour.  
cartilage damage   cartilage is a cushion between bones. When a cartilage is damaged or worn away it usually requires surgery. Cartilage has a poor blood supply and often takes a long time to heal.  
cuts and grazes   is a skin wound where tissue and nerves are damaged. Compression and elevation is required to reduce blood flow.  


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Created by: Ella.scopas