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Unit 2: Matter

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Matter   anything that has mass and occupies space  
Mass   amount of matter(in grams)  
Properties   definite set of characteristics that define a sustance  
Extensive Property   property that depends on sample size  
Intensive Property   property that does not depend on sample size  
Physical Property   can be measured or observed without producing a new substance  
Chemical Property   ability of a substance to produce a new substance  
Physical Change   change in a physical property  
Chemical Change   change that produces a new substance  
Mixtures   two or more substances  
Homogenous Mixtures   each substance is evenly dispersed throughout  
Heterogenous Mixture   each substance is not uniformly dispersed  
Pure Substance   any matter that is homogenous and has a fixed composition by mass  
Elements   atoms of a single type that cannot be decomposed further (gold, carbon)  
Compounds   two or more elements that are chemically combined (NaCl, H20)  
Solution   a homogeneous mixture  
Solute   What is dissolved in a solution  
Solvent   What the solute is dissolved in ( water)  
Aqueous Solution (aq)   water is the solvent  
Universal Solvent   water  
Filter   material that allows small particles to pass through while trapping large particles  
Filtrate   substance that passes through filter  
Residue   substance that remains in the filter  
Distilation   used to separate solutions by using boiling points  
Chromatography   separated components of a mixtures, based on attraction with the transporting medium  


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Created by: owenwelsh