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Wilson Central 7th grade Geography capitals for Finals

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

China   Beijing  
Indonesia   Jakarta  
Philippines   Manila  
North Korea   Pyongyang  
South Korea   Seoul  
Myanmar   Yangon  
Thailand   Bangkok  
Vietnam   Hanoi  
Japan   Tokyo  
India   New Delhi  
Bangladesh   Dhaka  
Nepal   Kathmandu  
Pakistan   Islambad  
Afighanistan   Kabul  
Bhutan   Thimphu  
Sri Lanka   Colombo  
Iran   Tehran  
Israel   Jerusalem  
Jordan   Amman  
Turkey   Ankara  
Syria   Damascus  
Saudi Arabia   Riyadh  
Lebanon   Beirut  
Germany   Berlin  
Switzerland   Bern  
Austria   Vienna  
Spain   Madrid  
Finland   Helsinki  
France   Paris  
Ireland   Dublin  
Greece   Athens  
Belgium   Brussels  
Poland   Warsaw  
Croatia   Zagreb  
Hungary   Budapest  
Slovenia   Ljubiana  
Bosnia   Sarajevo  
Czech Republic   Prague  
Macedonia   Skopje  
Bulgaria   Sofia  


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Created by: horsefanatic63