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Mr. B's greek list 6

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

bio   life  
phys   nature; growth  
psych   mind; soul; spirit  
soma, somat   body  
lith, -lite   stone  
petr, peter   rock  
glyph, glypt   carving  
icon   image; idol  
astr   star  
nom   arrangement; law  
onoma, onym   name  
ec, oec   house; environment  
ethn   nation  
paleo   ancient  
neo   new  
hier   sacred  
–clasm   breakage; destruction  
-clast   one who one who shatters or destroys  
-clastic   breaking; destructive  
-lysis   a loosening; solution  
-lyst   one who solves  
-lytic, -lytical   loosening; dissolving  
–iatry   a healing; science of  
-iatrics   healing  
-iatrist   one who heals  
-iatric   promoting healing  


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Created by: spc